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Online First A Lattice Boltzmann Scheme for Diffusion Equation in Spherical Coordinate Abstract   PDF
Debabrata Datta, T K Pal
Online First A λ-c- genetic Algorithm for Integrals with Fuzzy Measure Abstract   PDF
Gholam Hassan Shirdel
Online First An Appropriate Numerical Method for Solving Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations Abstract   PDF
Roghayeh Katani 1
Online First Column-wise relative degree and it’s properties Abstract   PDF
Andrey Vladimirovich Kraev 1, A. I. Rogovskiy 1
2018: Volume 1 , No 1 Design of solar huts Abstract   PDF
IJMSS Ling, Jinjuan Chen, Zhuoshou Pang
Online First Dynamics of Bianchi type-V anisotropic dark energy cosmological model in a scale covariant theory of gravitation Abstract   PDF
Dandala Radhakrishna Reddy 1
Sezgin AYGÜN
Online First H-solvability of optimal control problem for degenerate parabolic variation inequality Abstract   PDF
Nina Vasylivna Kasimova
2018: Volume 1 , No 1 Mathematical modeling - food price analysis Abstract   PDF
Bingxian Leng, Yunfei Fu, Siyuan Li
Online First Mehar method for finding exact fuzzy optimal solution of fully fuzzy linear programming problems Abstract   PDF
Gourav Gupta
2018: Volume 1 , No 1 Refined oil prices with family cars Abstract   PDF
Aiqing Zhen, Cuxiao Huo, Chunqing Feng
2018: Volume 1 , No 1 The problem of position determination of signal transmitting device in 3D road Abstract   PDF
Chengdong Le, Liangchen Xu, Shiqing He
Online First The Riccati-Bernoulli Sub-ODE Technique for Solving the Deterministic (Stochastic) Generalized-Zakharov System Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud A.E. Abdelrahman, M. A. Sohaly
2018: Volume 1 , No 1 The spread and prediction of Ebola virus Abstract   PDF
Yingyou Chen, Mingzhe Wen, Minghao Geng
Online First Unrestricted pell and pell-lucas quaternions Abstract   PDF
Goksal Bilgici, Paula Catarino
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