Sustainable Forestry

Special Issues
Dr. Saverio Francini
Remote Sensing;Modeling;Forest Ecosystem;Forest Disturbance;Forest Fires;Climate Change;Land Use/Cover Change
Submission deadline: 2023-10-20
Dr. José Aranha
Sustainable Forest Management; Climate Change; Forest Ecosystems; Carbon Sequestration; Deforestation
Submission deadline: 2023-10-10
Dr. Panayiotis Dimitriadis
Stochastics; Machine-Learning; Water-Cycle Processes; Remote-Sensing; Risk-Assessment; Water Resource Management; Sustainability
Submission deadline: 2023-09-15
Dr. Madhab Chandra Behera
Climate Resilience;Forest Practices;Planted Forests;Climate Change;Tree Species Diversity;Forest Management;Forest Ecology;Climate Scenario Projection
Submission deadline: 2023-07-20
Prof. Elias Kuntashula
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; Water Quality; Recreation; Biodiversity Conservation Valuation; Monetary and Non-monetary Approaches
Submission deadline: 2023-08-10
Dr. Taimoor Hassan Farooq,Dr. Irfan Ahmad,Dr. He Li
Structure and Function; Growth Pattern and Management Practice; Active and Passive Restoration; Forest Resilience; Forest Silviculture; Root and Canopy Development; Morphological and Physiological Impacts; Socio-economic and Ecological Interactions; Climate and Environmental Change; Multifunctional Ecosystem Services; Mapping and Assessment of Land Use Change; Soil Remediation; Modernizing Forestry; Abiotic and Biotic Stresses
Submission deadline: 2023-08-05
Dr. Juan Guerra-Hernandez
Monitoring of Climate Change Mitigation in Forests; Monitoring of Forest Health and Forest Degradation; Biodiversity of Forests; Ecosystem Services Monitoring; Advanced Forest Inventory; New Sensors and Platforms for Forest Applications; Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches for Estimating Forest Structure Attributes; Advanced Statistical Methods (Model-based Inference and Uncertainty Assessment); Multisensor, Multitemporal, Multiresolution Data; Integration and Data Fusion Approaches Using Multiple Remote Sensing Data (LiDAR, Optical, SAR, Hyperspectral, Multispectral) Sources to Forest Monitoring; Large-scale Forest Monitoring Using LiDAR Data with Synergies Among Platforms (Airborne, Terrestrial, and Spaceborne (Specially GEDI and ICESat-2 Missions) for Forest Inventory and Monitoring
Submission deadline: 2023-09-05
Dr. Vinícius Londe
Forest Restoration; Monitoring Restoration; Forest Management; UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration; Restoration Success; Restoration Interventions.
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31
Dr. Ram Prakash Yadav,Dr. Vijay Singh Meena,Dr. Manmohan J Dobriyal
Forest Ecosystems; Agroforestry; Economy; Ecosystem Services; Valuation of Ecosystem Services
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Dr. Mehari Alebachew Tesfaye,Dr. Berhane Kidane
Forest Silviculture; Natural forest Management; Stand Density Management Diagram; Uneven Aged Mixed Forest; Prunning; Thinning; Shelterwood System; Clear Felling
Submission deadline: 2023-07-20
Prof. Surendra Singh Bargali,Dr. Kiran Bargali,Dr. Kapil Khulbe,Dr. Manoj Kumar Jhariya
Climate change; Ecosystem services; Disturbances; Forest ecosystems; Nutrient cycling; Phyto-diversity; Structure and functioning; Nature-based solutions; Soil micro-biota
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Prof. Govind Singh Rajwar
Soil Conservation; Water Conservation; Forest Ecosystem; Soil Erosion; Soil Degradation; Forest Resources
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31
Dr. Bhagwan Dutta Yadav
Sustainable Forest Management; Forest Degradation; Forest Deforestation; Forest Resources; Community Based Forest Management; Financial and Livelihood Benefits; Econometric Analysis
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Dr. Sandra Buján
Forests: Impacts, Effects, Vulnerability or Responses to Climate Change; Forest (flexible-adaptive) Planning and Management; Forest Change; Forest Mapping and Pattern Analysis; Forest Ecosystem Services (monitoring); Forest Monitoring; Increasing Forest Resilience
Submission deadline: 2023-08-15
Dr. Larisa IVAȘCU,Dr. Alin ARTENE,Dr. Rimsha Khalid
Monitoring of Fire, Behavior, and Effects of GIS; Technological Approaches for Fuel, Hazard Mapping and Remote Sensing; Technological Interventions and Multisensory Approaches; Methodological Advancements of Forest Mortality and Regeneration Monitoring; Amalgamation of Cloud-Based Imagery Processing Tools; Optimization of Fuel Treatments and Mapping Values at Risk; Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Forestry; Mapping of Risk from Human Factors and Analysis of Land Cover; Fire Danger Predictions, Affects, and Intensity; Modeling the Effect of Climate Change and Vegetation Changes.; Technological Integration and the Green Economic Stability; GIS Integration and New Technologies in Businesses Perspective
Submission deadline: 2023-05-20
Hojat Hematabadi
Timber Engineering; Engineered Wood Products (EWPs); Tall Wood Buildings (TWB); Cross Laminated Timber (CLT); Glued Laminated Timber (GLT); laminated veneer lumber (LVL); Oriented Strand Board (OSB); Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL); Timber I-Joists; Ply-wood; Particleboard; Fiberboard (MDF, HDF)
Submission deadline: 2023-07-10
Dr. Francesco Parisi,Prof. Davide Travaglini
Biodiversity Indicators; Deadwood; Forest Monitoring; Forest Heterogeneity; Managed and Unmanaged Forests; Microhabitat; Old-growth Forest
Submission deadline: 2023-06-10
Dr. Aqil Tariq
Wildfires; Forest Fires; Optical Remote Sensing; SAR; Burnt Area; Time Series; Fire Severity; Fire Mapping
Submission deadline: 2023-06-15
Dr. Jagdish Chander Dagar,Dr Sharda Rani Gupta
Degraded landscapes; Land degradation neutrality; Poor-quality waters; Technological interventions; Agroforestry practices; Ecological restoration; Sustainable development goals; Urban forestry; Quality of life; Covid-19 pandemic; Livelihood security
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31