Sustainable Forestry

Special Issues
Dr. Endalkachew Birhan
Forest Policies; Good Forest governance; Sustainable Forest conservation; Participatory Forest Management; Deforestation
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Mr. Ary Widiyanto
Sustainable Agriculture; Forestry Management; Biodiversity Conservation; Social Forestry; Reforestation; Land-use Change; Community Engagement
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Dr. Taiwo Balogun
Forest Management: Natural Resources; Forest Mapping, Monitoring and Management; Deforestation Rates; Assessment of Forest Health; Land Use & Cover Change.
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Dr. Sättar Ezzati,Dr. Mauricio Acuna ,Dr. Rodolfo Picchio
Forest Harvesting; Biomass to Energy Production; Salvage Logging; Operations Research; Smart Value-Chain; Production Planning; Environmentally Sound Forestry
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Prof. Zhenhong Hu,Prof. Chengjie Ren
Tree Biodiversity; Tree Species Identity; Carbon Storage; Forest Productivity; Soi Bacteria And Fungi; Soil Nutrients; Aridity; Wetting
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Dr. Mothi Kumar K Elisha,Dr. Promila Bishnoi
Climate Change; Forest; Geo-Spatial Technology; Remote Sensing; Sustainable Management; Land Use; Adaptation
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Dr. Promila Bishnoi
Change Detection; Climate Change; Ecosystem Services; Field Surveys; GIS; Land Use Land Cover Mapping; Remote Sensing; Satellite Imagery; Sustainable Management
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Prof. Muxing Liu
Forest Restoration; Soil Moisture; Hydrologic Processes; Soil Water Conservation; Nutrients Loss
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Ms. Chhanda Ruj,Mr. Aloke Majumdar
Climate Change Adaptation; Climate Change Mitigation: Climate Resilience; Nature Based Solutions; Just Transition; Hydrosocial Transformation
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Dr. Víctor Fernández-García
Multispectral; Radar; LiDAR; Satellite; UAVs; Burned Area; Burn Severity; Post-Fire Recovery; Forest Ecosystems; Forestry Ecosystems; GEE; Artificial Intelligence
Submission deadline: 2024-02-29
Prof. Emmanuel F. Nzunda,Dr. Greyson Z. Nyamoga
Deforestation; Sustainable Forestry; Forest Management; Policy Effectiveness; Socio-Economic Factors; Indigenous and Local Communities; Technological Advancements; Economic Incentives; Forest Conservation; Climate Change Mitigation Government Forestry Policy
Submission deadline: 2023-12-22
Dr. Pedro Antonio Arnau
Forest Biodiversity;Ecosystem Services;Global Climate Change;Forest Management;Resilience;Human Well-being
Submission deadline: 2023-11-20
Mr. Karandana Gamalathge Thishan Dharshana
Forest Ecosystems;Climate Change;Air Quality;Biomass Burning;Biodiversity Conservation;Machine Learning;Computer Programming;Data Analysis
Submission deadline: 2023-11-06
Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil
Carbon Sequestration;Carbon Emissions;Forest Carbon Cycle;Afforestation;Reforestation;Sustainable Forest Management;Climate Change Mitigation
Submission deadline: 2023-12-25
Prof. Dr. Rusu Teodor
Artificial Intelligence;Soil Management;Forestry;Predictive Models;Environmental Damage
Submission deadline: 2023-10-15
Dr. Saverio Francini
Remote Sensing;Modeling;Forest Ecosystem;Forest Disturbance;Forest Fires;Climate Change;Land Use/Cover Change
Submission deadline: 2023-10-20
Dr. José Aranha
Sustainable Forest Management; Climate Change; Forest Ecosystems; Carbon Sequestration; Deforestation
Submission deadline: 2023-10-10
Dr. Panayiotis Dimitriadis
Stochastics; Machine-Learning; Water-Cycle Processes; Remote-Sensing; Risk-Assessment; Water Resource Management; Sustainability
Submission deadline: 2023-09-15
Dr. Madhab Chandra Behera
Climate Resilience;Forest Practices;Planted Forests;Climate Change;Tree Species Diversity;Forest Management;Forest Ecology;Climate Scenario Projection
Submission deadline: 2023-07-20
Prof. Elias Kuntashula
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; Water Quality; Recreation; Biodiversity Conservation Valuation; Monetary and Non-monetary Approaches
Submission deadline: 2023-08-10



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