Comparative study on Hydrogeological conditions of Huaihe mining area

Xiaolin Cheng, Meichen Yu, Jiayun Zhang

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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Lianghuai Mining Area is one of the 13 large coal bases in China. It is an important coal and coal production base in China. Mine water inrush accidents occur frequently, resulting in economic and human resource losses, reflecting the importance of the study of hydrogeology in mining areas. In this paper, the hydrogeological conditions of Bozhou and Huainan Panxie mine are analyzed, and the similarities and differences between the hydrogeological conditions of the two mines are summarized. The shallow pore water group in the Bozhou area is composed of the Quaternary system of the Quaternary system (Q4d) and the upper part of the upper part of the Mao Tong group (Q3m). The lithology of the aquifer is silt, silt and fine sand. The shallow pore water group of the Panxian Pancho Formation in Huainan is composed of the Upper Pleistocene of the Quaternary system and the Holocene strata. The lithology is mainly composed of fine sand. The main sources of shallow pore water supply in the two areas are precipitation infiltration, mainly for evaporation, lateral runoff, artificial mining and deep flow and discharge to the river.

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