Welcome to the two Co-Editors-in-Chief!

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Yanfang Sang and Prof. Jorge Olcina-Cantos have been appointed as Co-Editors-in-Chief of this journal.


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Prof. Yanfang Sang

Chinese Academy of Sciences



     Prof. Jorge Olcina-Cantos

     Universidad de Alicante            



Prof. Yanfang Sang is currently affiliated with the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and also serves as a researcher at the Key Laboratory of Composite and Interlocking Natural Hazard Dynamics, Ministry of Emergency Management, China. His primary research interests include studying urban flooding, flash floods and landslide hazards in high mountainous areas.


Prof. Jorge Olcina Cantos is a full professor at the Department of Regional Geographic Analysis, University of Alicante, where he teaches courses on Spatial Planning, Climatology and Natural Hazards. His research work focuses on various geographic issues such as climate change, water resources, spatial planning and natural risks. 


We are honored to welcome these two distinguished experts in the field to our journal.