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Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development

The Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development (JIPD) is a multi-disciplinary, double-blind peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing articles of the highest quality on major aspects of infrastructure, policies and economic development.

While seeking to reach the ultimate goal of economic development, the journal has a mission to explore how institutional infrastructure may be applied to different physical infrastructure activities, with the support of government policies.

Ultimately, by providing a reliable platform for the transfer of knowledge among scholars, the journal aims to encourage the discussion of innovative contributions regarding the analysis of issues and concerns about infrastructure.

JIPD has a target audience consisting of scientific researchers, professional practitioners, and policymakers from academia, industry, and regulatory institutions.

This journal aims to stimulate the exchange of scholarly ideas through innovative technology, outstanding service and utmost dedication. Its overarching goal is to establish itself as a credible source of information covering areas of “hard” and “soft” infrastructure, along with other related policies and economic development matters.

Within this global context, relevant topics to the Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development include, but are not limited to:

  • Institutional infrastructure
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Infrastructure system
  • Infrastructure finance
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Infrastructure policy
  • Infrastructure regulation
  • Infrastructure and environment
  • Infrastructure and development
  • Public and private roles in infrastructure

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Neural Circuits

Neural Circuits is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal that publishes new findings in all aspects of the nervous system, normal or pathological, that shed light on the working of neural circuits. The journal welcomes studies ranging from molecular to cellular, network, behavioral and cognitive levels, and different approaches including experimental, theoretical, computational, modelling, engineering and clinical are all catered. It will consider for publication any study that is methodologically sound, including short reports, case studies and research techniques. Review articles are also welcome. The editors will try to give as much constructive feedback as possible to authors for improvement of their manuscripts.


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Journal of Pediatric Diseases

Journal of Pediatric Diseases (JPedD) is a peer-reviewed, gold Open Access journal that focuses on the medical conditions and diseases affecting infants, children, and adolescents, along with their diagnoses, treatments and possible prevention strategies. The journal publishes studies from a broad scope of pediatric specialties and across a wide range of geographical areas.

We particularly welcome reports on previously unknown conditions affecting young patients, and novel (or improved) therapies that could significantly improve the quality of life of patients suffering from serious disorders. In addition, we are also interested in communicating research on community- and government-level policies that directly affect pediatric healthcare. We aim to publish topics that include, but are not limited to:

• General pediatrics
• Pediatric infectious diseases
• Pediatric medicine and drug development
• Pediatric allergy and autoimmune diseases
• Pediatric vaccination and healthcare policies
• Pediatric oncology
• Pediatric psychiatry and neurology
• Pediatric surgery


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Trends in Immunotherapy

Trends in Immunotherapy is an open access, peer-reviewed journal encompassing various disciplines related to the immune-based therapeutic method. The journal covers all areas of immunotherapy including:

  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Immunomodulators
  • Antibodies
  • Allergy disorder and immunotherapy
  • Therapeutic method for auto-immune disorder
  • Immunotherapy cell-products
  • Cytokines application
  • Immuno-modulatory effects of natural products

Preliminary studies, pre-clinical and clinical investigative reports are welcomed. The journal accepts original research article, review article, case reports and short communications.


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