Applied Chemical Engineering

Special Issues
Dr. Jean Claude Assaf
Biomass; Bioproducts; Biofuel; Chemical strategies; Nanotechnology; Separation; Purification
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Dr. Jean Claude Assaf
Chemical process simulation; Optimization; Control; Chemical engineering; Oil and gas; Petrochemicals; Simulation software; Numerical methods; Uncertainty quantification; Sustainability
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
Mohanad Y. Saleh
Nanocatalysts; Synthesis of organic compounds; Docking; Environmentally friendly catalysts.
Submission deadline: 2024-07-31
Green Chemistry; Sustainable Development; Organic Waste; Biotransformation; Bio-Fertilizer; Treatment of Effluents
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Dr. Manoj Kumar Pal
Biofuel, Bioenergy; Biochemical Conversion; Lignocellulose Biomass; Alternative form of Bioenergy
Submission deadline: 2024-05-30
Muhammad Asif
Energy and Environment; Catalytic Process; Wastewater Treatment; Solid Waste to Energy Production
Submission deadline: 2024-05-15
Dr. Elena Filonova
Crystal structure refinement; Phase diagram construction; Modelling; Prediction methods; Machine learning; Numerical studies; Computational approaches.
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Dr. Elena Filonova
Solid oxide fuel cells; Solid oxide electrolysis cells; Advanced materials; High-entropy materials; MIECs; Triple-conducting materials; Numerical studies; Machine learning; Crystal structure characterization; Phase diagram design; Modelling; Prediction methods.
Submission deadline: 2024-05-20
Dr. Ali Taghvaie Nakhjiri
Efficient absorbents; CO2 separation; Greenhouse gases; Nanofluids; CFD simulation
Submission deadline: 2024-02-25
Prof. Majid Monajjemi
Chitosan (PVA&PEG), Wound Dressing, 3D Printing, Medical Engineering Scaffolds
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Prof. Dr. Fatemeh Mollaamin
Nanomaterials; carbon nanostructures; gas polluant; water contaminant; adsorption;
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Dr. Amir Mansourizadeh
advanced materials for HF membrane fabrication; phase-inversion and spinning process; HF membrane modification and characterization; energy and environmental applications; engineering HF membrane modules
Submission deadline: 2024-01-31
Prof. Lu, Shijian
Carbon Capture; Carbon Dioxide; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Storage; Utilization
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Rouf Ahmad Bhat
Waste Management; Source Reduction; Recycling; Composting; Landfilling
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Prof. N.B. Singh,Mr. Raju Goyal
Hydration; Cementitious system; Blended cement; Effect of admixtures on hydration; Effect of nanomaterials on hydration; Effect of Phase change materials on hydration
Submission deadline: 2024-01-15
Prof. Mohadeseh Safaei
Electrochemical sensor; Electrodes; Biosensor; Potentiometric sensor; Amperometric sensor; Nanosensors; Conductometric sensor
Submission deadline: 2024-02-29
Dr. Chetana S
Sustainable chemical processes; Nanomaterials Synthesis; Nanomaterials characterization keywords; Hybrid supercapacitor; Oxygen evolution reaction; Li-ion batteries; Photocatalytic degradation & Catalysis.
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Prof. Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah,Prof. Md Azree Othuman Mydin,Dr. Noorina Hidayu Jamil
1. Low-temperature geopolymerization 2. Ceramic manufacturing 3. Geopolymer-based composites 4. Geopolymerization kinetics 5. Sintering effect 6. Flux agents 7. Low-temperature ceramics 8. Ceramic processing techniques 9. Particle size control 10. Self-fluxing composites 11. Geopolymer characterization 12. Biomaterials in geopolymer matrices 13. Geopolymer concrete 14. Environmental impact assessment 15. Techno-economic analysis
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Prof. Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah,Prof. Andrei Victor Sandu,Dr. Romisuhani Ahmad
1. Geopolymer Composites 2. Sustainable Water Treatment 3. Sustainable Air Treatment 4. Ceramic Membrane Materials 5. Non-Metallic Materials 6. Geopolymer Synthesis 7. Geopolymer Characterization 8. Adsorption Properties 9. Catalytic Properties 10. Heavy Metals Removal 11. Organic Pollutants Removal 12. Emerging Contaminants 13. Air Purification 14. Volatile Organic Compounds (Vocs) Removal 15. Techno-Economic Analysis Of Geopolymer Composites
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Asso. Prof. Sunkara Srinivasa Rao,Dr. Ikkurthi Kanaka Durga,Dr. KVG. Raghavendra
Nanomaterials; Batteries; Supercapacitors; Fuel Cells; Hybrid Electrical Systems; Energy Storage; Energy Conversion; Energy Management; Electrochemistry; Electrochemical Devices
Submission deadline: 2024-01-01



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