Applied Chemical Engineering

Special Issues
Prof. Tushar Dhabal Das
peroveskite materials; solar cells; efficiency; stability; solar energy
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. Marija Simić,Dr. Jelena Petrović
agrowaste biomass; heavy metals pollution; adsorption; chemical modification; conversion
Submission deadline: 2023-09-15
Dr. Velmurugan Ganesan,Dr. V. Siva Shankar
composites; fibers; low temperature; mechanical properties; morphological analysis; natural fiber applications; tensile; flexural; thermal properties; dynamic analysis; packing technology; food perseveration; grain storage; drying technology
Submission deadline: 2023-09-25
Prof. Palanivel Velmurugan,Dr. V. Mohanavel
metal oxides; chemical compounds; semiconductor; nanomaterials; engineering applications; biomedical applications
Submission deadline: 2023-10-01
Prof. Vinod C. Malshe
petroleum reserves; sustainable; chemical industry; raw materials; renewable resources;
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Prof. Vinod C. Malshe
energy crisis; hydrogen production; fuel cell; sustainable
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. K. Kombaiah,Dr. M. Amalraj
Nanomaterials; Energy Storage; Water Splitting; Carbon materials; Heterogeneous catalysis; Electrochemical Sensors; Magnetic Materials; Plant extract; Corrosion
Submission deadline: 2023-08-31
Prof. Mahmoud Nasr
bioenergy optimization; biomass bioconversion; energy cloud management; GHG emissions; industry 4.0; internet of things (iot); machine learning; natural resources;recyclability; sustainable energy innovation; the green blockchain
Submission deadline: 2023-10-31
Prof. Rangasamy Rajmohan
dendrimers catalysis; magnetic nanomaterials; catalyst support; recoverable catalyst; functionalization; semi-heterogeneous
Submission deadline: 2023-08-31
Dr. Andrei A. Bunaciu
Infrared spectroscopy; Biomedical analysis; Early disease diagnosis; Clinical analysis; Analytical biochemistry
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Prof. MirSalim M. Asadov
chemical and physical engineering; ion batteries; modeling; synthesis methods; structure and properties of nanomaterials; ion battery nanotechnology
Submission deadline: 2023-06-21
Dr. Eneyew Tilahun Bekele,Dr. Yilkal Dessie Sintayehu
Novel composite green nanomaterials; Green energy conversion and storage; Dye sensitized solar cell fabrication; Environmental and industrial waste treatment;Green nano-based drugs; Electrochemical sensor
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
Prof. Shuang Wang
ion transport; cross-linking; mechanical properties; stability
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Dr. Reza Alayi,Dr. Mehdi Jahangiri
Wave energy; Solar thermal; Biomass generator; Hydropower
Submission deadline: 2023-08-20
Prof. Nader Ghaffari Khaligh
Biomass; Lignin; Catalysis; Degradation;Depolymerization;Oxygenated aromatics
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. Jelena Petrović,Dr. Marija Simić
Waste biomass; Adsorbents; Biomass conversion; Carbon materials; Pollutants; Environment; Heavy metals; Dyes, Organic compounds; Water treatment; Air purification;
Submission deadline: 2023-11-30
Dr. Yajie Liu
Catalysts; Reaction mechanism; Catalytic surface science; Engineering; Kinetics
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
Dr. Sapana Jadoun
Conducting Polymers; Functionalization; Nanohybridization; Photocatalysis; Degradation of Dyes; Removal of Pollutants; Removal of Heavy Metals
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31
Prof. Hassan Karimi-Maleh
process engineering; energy and environmental engineering; chemical and catalytic reaction engineering; materials engineering
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Prof. Tzi-yi Wu
Organic Synthesis; Optoelectronic Polymer Materials; Solar Cells; Electrochemistry
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31



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