Applied Chemical Engineering

Special Issues
Prof. Greg Brewer
catalysis; sequestration; materials science; rare earth metals; magnets and magnetic properties; batteries and energy storage
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Dr. Alessandra Palella,Prof. Lorenzo Spadaro
green-hydrogen; electrolysis; green-fuels; steelmaking industry; hydrogenation/dehydrogenation processes; hydrogen storage; climate-neutrality; energy production; process simulation and modelling
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Dr. Massoud Kaykhaii
solid phase extraction; miniaturization; new sorbents; green analytical chemistry; extraction; sample preparation
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
Dr. Alen Albreht
pitfalls and solutions; chromatography; electrophoresis; hyphenated techniques; mass spectrometry; sample preparation; extraction; data acquisition; method development and validation; separation mechanisms
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Dr. Huiyu Yang
micro/nano fabrication; polymer films; emissivity; function materials; coating
Submission deadline: 2023-08-20
Dr. Alfonso Policicchio ,Prof. Huachao Yang
low-dimensional nanomaterials; fabrication; energy conversion and storage
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Prof. Vita Di Stefano
Food authentication; Food analysis; Food quality; Food safety; LC-MS/MS; UHPLC-MS/MS; Chemical residues; Bioactive compounds
Submission deadline: 2023-05-31
Prof. Rosalinda Inguanta,Dr. Claudio Zanca
electrochemistry; semiconductor; nanostructured material; coating; sensors; biosensors; hydrogen production
Submission deadline: 2023-04-30
Dr. Ishwar Prasad Sahu, Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Poonam Singh, Mrs. Manorama Sahu
Emerging Materials; Energy; Environment; Sustainable Growth; Luminescent Material
Submission deadline: 2023-03-31
Professor Shashanka Rajendrachari
Mechanical alloying; Ferrous alloys; Non-Ferrous alloys; Additive Manufacturing; Powder Technology; Sintering; Mechanical properties; Wear; Consolidation
Submission deadline: 2023-03-31