Applied Chemical Engineering

Special Issues
Hamzeh Ghorbani,Hu Li
CO2 capture, rock mechanic, well log, prediction, geophysics, gas migration, oil flow rate, wellbore stability, filtration, Geoenergy
Submission deadline: 2025-12-31
Badie I. Morsi,Husain E. Ashkanani
CO2 capture;Physical solvents;Chemical solvents;Solid sorbents;CO2 conversion;thermo-catalytic conversion;photo-catalytic conversion;electro-catalytic conversion
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
Diane Hildebrandt,Xinying Liu
Fischer Tropsch;Process Synthesis;XTL;BTL;Green Chemicals;Green Fuel
Submission deadline: 2024-10-31
Dr. Jean Claude Assaf
Biomass; Bioproducts; Biofuel; Chemical strategies; Nanotechnology; Separation; Purification
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Dr. Jean Claude Assaf
Chemical process simulation; Optimization; Control; Chemical engineering; Oil and gas; Petrochemicals; Simulation software; Numerical methods; Uncertainty quantification; Sustainability
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
Mohanad Y. Saleh
Nanocatalysts; Synthesis of organic compounds; Docking; Environmentally friendly catalysts.
Submission deadline: 2024-07-31
Green Chemistry; Sustainable Development; Organic Waste; Biotransformation; Bio-Fertilizer; Treatment of Effluents
Submission deadline: 2024-03-31
Dr. Manoj Kumar Pal
Biofuel, Bioenergy; Biochemical Conversion; Lignocellulose Biomass; Alternative form of Bioenergy
Submission deadline: 2024-05-30
Muhammad Asif
Energy and Environment; Catalytic Process; Wastewater Treatment; Solid Waste to Energy Production
Submission deadline: 2024-05-15
Dr. Elena Filonova
Crystal structure refinement; Phase diagram construction; Modelling; Prediction methods; Machine learning; Numerical studies; Computational approaches.
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Dr. Elena Filonova
Solid oxide fuel cells; Solid oxide electrolysis cells; Advanced materials; High-entropy materials; MIECs; Triple-conducting materials; Numerical studies; Machine learning; Crystal structure characterization; Phase diagram design; Modelling; Prediction methods.
Submission deadline: 2024-05-20
Dr. Ali Taghvaie Nakhjiri
Efficient absorbents; CO2 separation; Greenhouse gases; Nanofluids; CFD simulation
Submission deadline: 2024-02-25
Prof. Majid Monajjemi
Chitosan (PVA&PEG), Wound Dressing, 3D Printing, Medical Engineering Scaffolds
Submission deadline: 2024-05-31
Prof. Dr. Fatemeh Mollaamin
Nanomaterials; carbon nanostructures; gas polluant; water contaminant; adsorption;
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Dr. Amir Mansourizadeh
advanced materials for HF membrane fabrication; phase-inversion and spinning process; HF membrane modification and characterization; energy and environmental applications; engineering HF membrane modules
Submission deadline: 2024-01-31
Prof. Lu, Shijian
Carbon Capture; Carbon Dioxide; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Storage; Utilization
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Rouf Ahmad Bhat
Waste Management; Source Reduction; Recycling; Composting; Landfilling
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Prof. N.B. Singh,Mr. Raju Goyal
Hydration; Cementitious system; Blended cement; Effect of admixtures on hydration; Effect of nanomaterials on hydration; Effect of Phase change materials on hydration
Submission deadline: 2024-01-15
Prof. Mohadeseh Safaei
Electrochemical sensor; Electrodes; Biosensor; Potentiometric sensor; Amperometric sensor; Nanosensors; Conductometric sensor
Submission deadline: 2024-02-29
Dr. Chetana S
Sustainable chemical processes; Nanomaterials Synthesis; Nanomaterials characterization keywords; Hybrid supercapacitor; Oxygen evolution reaction; Li-ion batteries; Photocatalytic degradation & Catalysis.
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30



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