Imaging and Radiation Research

Computational Methods in Imaging and Radiation Research

Submission deadline: 2025-01-04
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Dear colleagues,

The Section Collection Project on "Computational Methods in Imaging and Radiation Research" aims to bring together cutting-edge research and advancements in the interdisciplinary field of computational methods applied to imaging and radiation studies. This collection serves as a comprehensive resource for researchers, practitioners, and students seeking to explore the intersection of computational techniques and imaging technologies in the context of radiation research.

The collection delves into various aspects of computational methods, including image processing, machine learning, numerical simulations, and data analysis, as applied to medical imaging, industrial radiography, and radiation therapy. It provides insights into how computational tools enhance the quality and efficiency of imaging processes,

contribute to the development of innovative radiation technologies, and impact the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Contributions within this collection cover a spectrum of topics, including but not limited to image reconstruction algorithms, Monte Carlo simulations for dose calculations, artificial intelligence applications in medical imaging, optimization techniques for radiation treatment planning, and novel approaches in image-guided interventions. The

synergy of computational methods with imaging and radiation research opens new avenues for breakthroughs in diagnostic accuracy, treatment efficacy, and overall advancements in the field.

By consolidating diverse perspectives and methodologies, this collection fosters collaboration, encourages the exchange of ideas, and accelerates the translation of computational innovations into practical solutions for real-world challenges in imaging and radiation research.


Computational Imaging , Radiation Research , Image Processing , Machine Learning in Medical Imaging , Monte Carlo Simulations , Radiation Therapy Optimization , Image Reconstruction Algorithms, Medical Image Analysis , Image-Guided Interventions, Numerical Simulations

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