EnPress Journals

Section Collection Policy

EnPress Publisher LLC has run a Section Collection program for some of its journals, which are collections of the multidisciplinary topics across the scope of the journal. The guest editorial team is composed of scientists from diverse research fields, which cover all the aspects of the research topics.

A respected editor with many academic achievements will be recommended as the leader of a Section Collection, and all the editors will invite the potential contributors together.

Benefits for the Publisher

· It is a good attempt to produce new open access publishing.

· It gathers scientists from diverse fields together to expand the influence of the topics and Publisher.

· There will be a broader collection of manuscripts.

· There will be focus on diverse disciplinary subjects.

Benefits for authors

· Authors could be discovered and connected by scientists from multidisciplinary subjects.

· Articles have extensive visibility and publicity.

· Authors will be inspired to generate better application and research ideas.

Benefits for Section Editors

· Section Collection will strengthen the alliance of scientists’ communities with inter-discipline research topics.

· Section Editors could aware the research frontier of related thematic achievements.

· Section Editors could contact inter-disciplinary scholars on the same topic or various disciplines, and have good opportunities to stimulate better research ideas.

The main responsibilities of Section Editors

· Section Editors should prepare the Section Collection summary, including but not limited to: title, keywords, introduction, and submission deadline.

· Section Editors should prepare a list of potential contributors.

Workflow of Section Collection

The peer review of submissions to a Special Collection strictly follows a double-blinded peer-reviewed process