Editorial Board


Prof. Dr. Fukumi Furukawa   Mail
Takatsuki Red Cross Hospital

Associate Editors

Prof. Hiroki Yamaue   Mail
Wakayama Medical University
Prof. Toshikazu Kondo   Mail
Wakayama Medical University

Editorial Board Members

Dr. Ali Mohammad Ahadi   Mail
Department of Genetics, Shahrekord university, Associate professor
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Dr. Xinzhong Wu   Mail
Ocean College, Beibu Gulf University
Dr. Seyed Hamidreza Aghay Kaboli   Mail
UM Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Centre (UMPEDAC), University of Malaya (UM), research fellow
Dr. Tracy Ruth Daniels-Wells   Mail
Surgery/Division of Surgical Oncology, University of California, Los Angeles, Assistant Professor
United States
Dr. A. K. M. Azad   Mail
CREAT-BARD Project, Clayton School of IT, Monash University, Clayton, Australia,Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Xuehui He   Mail
Laboratory Medicine - Medical Immunology, Radboudumc, Post-doc
Dr. Masatoshi Jinnin   Mail
Department of Dermatology, Wakayama Medical University Graduate School of Medicine
Dr. Sonia Elhadad   Mail
Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine,Research Associate
United States
Prof. Adam Reich   Mail
University of Rzeszow
Dr. Adarsh Vennepureddy   Mail
Hematology/Oncology, Staten Island university Hospital, Fellow
United States
Dr. Agus Darwanto   Mail
Department of OPM, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, Sr. Principal Scientist
United States
Dr. Alessio Cortellini   Mail
Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences, University of L'Aquila, MD, Oncologis
Dr. Ajaz Bulbul   Mail
Hematology & Oncology, Kymera Independent Physicians, NM, USA Texas Tech Univeristy, Lubbock, TX, USA, Medical Director Kymera Independent Physicians
United States
Dr. Akihiro Aioi   Mail
Griffith University Eskitis Institute
Dr. Andrea Casadei Gardini   Mail
Department of Oncology, IRST-IRCCS, MD
Prof. Annegret Kuhn   Mail
University Medical Center Mainz
Dr. Apostolos Zaravinos   Mail
Department of Life Sciences, European University Cyprus
Dr. Atsushi Kaneko   Mail
Tsumura & Co.
Dr. Biao Xi   Mail
Department of Biology, ACEA Bioscience, Principal Scientist
Dr. B. Sharan Sharma   Mail
Department of Zoology, Biomedical Technology & Human Genetics, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Prof. Carlos Pelleschi Taborda   Mail
Department of Microbiology, University of Sao Paulo, Full Professor
Dr. Enrico Laccino   Mail
Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University “Magna Graecia” of Catanzaro, Postdoc
Prof. Erkan Alpsoy   Mail
Akdeniz University School of Medicine
Prof. Fatemeh Kazemi-Lomedasht   Mail
Bechnologyiot, Pasteur Institute of Iran, Assistant Prof.
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Dr. Francesco Agustoni   Mail
Department of Medical Oncology, ASST Ospedale San Gerardo Monza
Dr. Giedre Krenciute   Mail
Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Research Associate
United States
Dr. Gloria Guerrero Manriquez   Mail
Department of Biomedicine, University Autonome of Zacatecas, Head if the Lab.
Dr. Gustavo Helguera   Mail
Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Instituto de Biologia y Medicina Experimental
Dr. Fei Tang   Mail
Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Research Associate
United States
Prof. Heping Yang   Mail
Department of Medicine, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Assistant Prof.
United States
Dr. Hideki Kawai   Mail
Department of Thoracic Surgery, Akita Red Cross Hospital, Director
Prof. Hiroyuki Okamoto   Mail
Kansai Medical University
Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki   Mail
Department of Chest Surgery, Fukushima Medical University
Dr. Hongjin Li   Mail
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Prof. In Duk Jung   Mail
Department of Immunology, Konkuk University, Professor
Korea, Republic of
Dr. Ionut Negoi   Mail
General Surgery Department, Emergency Hosipital of Bucharest Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Jie Song   Mail
School of public health, Xinxiang Medical University
Prof. Juraj Ivanyi   Mail
Department of Mucosal Biology, Kings College London, Honorary Professor
United Kingdom
Prof. Lei Zhao   Mail
Institute of Geriatric, PLA General Hospital, Associate Professor
Prof. Liwu Fu   Mail
Cancer Institute,Cancer Center, Sun Yat-Sen University, director
Prof. Luciana Barros Arruda   Mail
Instituto de Microbiologia Paulo de Goes, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Associate Professor
Dr. Kwong Tsang   Mail
Precision Biologics, Inc
United States
Prof. Manar Atoum   Mail
Hashemite university Dean of Scientific Research
Dr. Maria Jose de Miguel-Luken   Mail
Phase l Clinical Trial Unit-Medical Oncology
Prof. Masahiro Hiraoka   Mail
Japanese Red Cross Wakayama Medical University
Prof. Masatoshi Kudo   Mail
Kindai University Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Masahiro Ono   Mail
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
Prof. Maurizio Alimandi   Mail
Clinical and Molecular Medicine. Sapienza University of Rome, Professor of General Pathology
Dr. Mehdi Mahdavi   Mail
Department of Immunology, Pasteur Institute of Iran Recombinant Vaccine Research center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Dr. Mihaela Chivu-Economescu   Mail
Department of Cellular and Molecular Pathology, Stefan S. Nicolau Insititute of Virology, senior scientist
Dr. Nasir Mahmood   Mail
School of Engineering, RMIT University
Dr. Naoshad Muhammad   Mail
Department of Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine Washington University, Postdoctor
United States
Assoc. Prof. Nobuo Kanazawa   Mail
Wakayama Medical University
Dr. Paul Zarogoulidis   Mail
Pulmonary-Oncology Unit, "Theageneio" Cancer Hospital
Dr. Paula Chiarella   Mail
Department of Experimental Oncology, IMEX-CO NICET, Professor
Dr. Prabhsimranjot Singh   Mail
Department of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Massachusetts, USA
United States
Dr. Praveen Sonkusre   Mail
National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (NCI/NIH), Bethesda, MD, USA
United States
Prof. Naohiro Seo   Mail
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine
Prof. Nobuyuki Yamamoto   Mail
Wakayama Medical University
Dr. Olivier Dellis   Mail
Department of Inserm U1174, University Paris Sud
Prof. Paul Roesch   Mail
1. Department of Biopolymers, University of Bayreuth 2. ALNuMed GmbH
Prof. Pooneh Mokarram   Mail

Iran, Islamic Republic of
Dr. Ramin Farhoudi   Mail
Department of Quality Control, Pasteur Institute of Iran, Faculty Member
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Prof. Samuel Dequina Bernal   Mail
UCLA / Cedars Sinai Medical Center United States of America, Physician, Professor of Medicine, Emeritus
United States
Prof. Sergey Vital'evich Sennikov   Mail
head of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology in Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Research Institute of Fundamental and Clinical Immunology
Prof. Seung-Chul Lee   Mail
Chonnam National University Medical School
Korea, Republic of
Dr. Shinichi Moriwaki   Mail
Osaka Medical College
Dr. Shunbin Ning   Mail
Department of Internal Medicine Quillen College of Medicine East Tennessee State University
United States
Dr. Satoshi Nakamizo   Mail
Institute of Medical Biology
Prof. Szu-Yuan Wu   Mail
Radiation Oncology, Taipei Medical University, Chairman
Taiwan, Province of China
Dr. Takuya Tsunoda   Mail
Showa University
Dr. Takashi Yoshimasu   Mail
Wakayama Medical University
Dr. Wei Boon Yap   Mail
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Dr. Wei Li   Mail
Department of Medical Oncology, Dana–Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
United States
Prof. Xianquan Zhan   Mail
Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Professor
Prof. Yasemin Hatice Balaban   Mail
Internal Medicine Gastroenterology, Hacettepe University, Assoc. Prof
Dr. Young-Su Yi   Mail
Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Cheongju University
Korea, Republic of
Dr. Yuki Murakami   Mail
Organization for Research Initiatives and Development, Doshisha University, Assistant Professor
Prof. Yu Sun   Mail
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor
Prof. Yumin Xia   Mail
The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University
Prof. Zhiling Yu   Mail
School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University, Professor

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