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Thermal Science and Engineering


2578-1782 (Online)

Journal Abbreviation:

Therm. Sci. Eng.

Thermal Science and Engineering (TSE) is an international open access journal that publishes original, high-quality research articles that span activities ranging from fundamental thermodynamic scientific research to the applied discussion of maximising thermodynamic efficiencies and minimising all heat losses. Topics cover thermal biology, nanotechnology, thermal energy transport, thermodynamics, thermal medical systems, and devices, etc.

Interests include related to all areas of thermal science and engineering, but are not limited to:

  1. Energy systems, efficiency, and sustainability
  2. Manufacturing of micro and macro devices
  3. Solar system
  4. Refrigeration system
  5. Combustion system
  6. Petrochemical processing
  7. Thermal transfer processes in the traditional fields
  8. Thermal biological and medical system
  9. New understanding of heat, air, moisture transfer, etc.

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Transportation Management


2578-1944 (Online)

Journal Abbreviation:

Transp. Manag.


Transportation Management (TM) is an international open access journal that publishes original articles related to all areas of transport management. We strive to build a bridge that offers researchers and practitioners new approaches, new ways of thinking, and novel solutions to problems through all the published works.

The journal brings a cross-cutting and integrated approach to all aspects of transportation from a variety of interdisciplinary fields, including engineering, operations research, economics, geography, and sociology, in order to solve the problems faced by public administrations, transport companies, technology researchers, logistic operators, and so on. The scope of this journal includes management strategies and techniques, regulations and policies, economics, education related to transportation and logistics, etc.

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Trends in Genetics and Evolution


2578-1707 (Online)

Journal Abbreviation:

Trends Geneti. Evolu.

Trends in Genetics and Evolution (TGE) is an open access double-blind peer-reviewed online journal. TGE is devoted to studying the origin, evolution, gene and genome structure, function, evolution, and regular pattern of organisms. It involves various biological fields, such as viruses, microorganisms, animals, and plants, covering the cellular basis of molecular genetic material, the genetic pattern of genetic material, the molecular basis of genetic material, biological variation and evolution, etc. It includes interdisciplinary research, such as cell engineering, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, molecular genetics, molecular biology, epigenetics, medical genetics, quantitative genetics, population genetics, cytogenetics, functional genomics, etc.

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Trends in Horticulture

    ISSN: 2578-1812



Journal Abbreviation:

Trends Hortic.

Trends in Horticulture (TH) is an international peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on publishing comprehensive and up-to-date information in the field of horticulture.

The journal publishes papers on different topics related to horticultural sciences and technologies including vegetable crops, fruit crops, ornamentals, medicinal crops, edible fungus, urban horticulture, industries of horticultural crops, crop research in protected facilities or controlled environments, and plant research cultivated finely related to horticultural technology. The subject covers interdisciplinary research ranging from microbiology to horticultural crops, from gene screening to plant hybridization, from molecular biology to plant physiology and ecology, and from traditional planting to intelligent control.

The Journal welcomes the original empirical and theoretical research articles, from the basic to the applied, and accepts high quality submissions presented as Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Brief Commentaries, Case Reports, and Letters to the Editor, in all areas of horticultural research. Through a meticulous process of peer review, TH strives to publish articles of the highest value for agricultural and horticultural professionals.

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Trends in Immunotherapy



2573-5985 (online)

Journal Abbreviation:

Trends Immunother.

Trends in Immunotherapy (TI) is an open access peer-reviewed journal encompassing various disciplines related to all immune-system-based areas. TI has a target audience consisting of scientific researchers, professional practitioners, and medical scholars from academia, the medical industry, education, etc. It provides a forum to share scholarly works to advance immunotherapy with the combination of science and medicine.

TI publishes original research articles, review articles, editorials, mini-review articles, case reports, commentaries, correspondence articles, database articles, perspective articles, short reports, etc. Preliminary studies and pre-clinical and clinical investigative reports are welcome.

The research topics of TI include but are not limited to:

1. Cancer immunotherapy 

8. Efficacy of drug immunotherapy

2. Targeted therapy and tumor microenvironment

9. Allergy disorder and immunotherapy

3. Immune dysregulation, skin barrier dysfunction

10. Immunotherapy cell-products

4. Chemoimmunotherapy 

11. Immuno-modulatory effects of natural products

5. Antibodies 

12. Vaccine development and application

6. Immunomodulators, inhibitors and intensifiers  

13. Cytokines application

7. Therapeutic method for auto-immune disorder  

14. Wound healing

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