Study on Biological Characteristics of Apricot Blooming in Hongfeng and New Century

Xinting Guan, Yinghui Yuan, Xiujuan Liang


In this paper, the pollination and biology of apricot in Hongfeng and New Century were studied. The results are as follows: (1) The est pollination with the red variety is early, new century's best pollinating varieties is camel yellow. (2) The flowering period of different cultivars was different, and the flowering period of Hongfeng and other varieties was 3 - 7 days later than that of Baxing water apricot and other varieties, which provided germplasm for further breeding of late flowering varieties. (3) Hongfeng, the new century and other varieties of self-flowering rate of 0 - 3.61% range, is self-incompatible varieties. (4) The pollen germination rate of different cultivars was higher than 50%, which indicated that the pollen was mature and the fertility was strong, and the reason of low percentage of self-pollination was pollen abortion, the main reason was self and so on.

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