Overview of integrated phytoremediation for heavy metals contaminated soil

Tzung-Yuh Yeh, Chitsan Lin


Heavy metal contaminated soil due to industrial, agricultural and municipal activities is becoming a global concern. Heavy metals severely affect plants, animals and human health. A suitable technology is necessary for heavy metals removal because it cannot self-decomposition as organic compounds. Among the various technologies surveyed, phytoremediation is one of the safest, most innovative, environmental friendly and cost-effective approach for heavy metals removal. Nevertheless, traditional phytoremediation practices pose some limitations such as long processing time, unstable treatment efficiency and limited application at large scale. In many methods proposed to improve phytoremediation, integrated phytoremediation has been studied in the recent years. Integrated phytoremediation use chelating agents and phytohormones to enhance phytoremediation. This is an environmentally safe, saving time and relative high effective method. Results showed that the association of a metal ion and a chelating agent to form chelates helps to maintain the availability of metals in the soil for the uptake of plants. Phytohormones supply nutrients for the soil to support vegetable growth. Therefore, integrated phytoremediation is a promising solution to overcome the disadvantages of conventional phytoremediation. It should be taken commercialization and need more applied projects in this field to demonstrate and clarify the real potential of this technology. In view of above, this manuscript reviews the mechanism and the efficiency of integrated phytoremediation for heavy metals in contaminated soil to give an overview of this technology.



phytoremediation, green technology, chelates, phytohormones

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/sf.v1i4.931


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