Discussion on the Problems of Returning Farmland to Forest Project in Yuanling County

Bo Zhang, Huanhuan Cui, Yafei Liu, Haifei Wen


The project of returning farmland to forest is a new project of increasing farmers' income, ecological efficiency and


benefiting the country. The key to the success of returning farmland to forest project is to strictly control the key technologies such as regional planning, forest species selection, tree species selection, good seedling, structural configuration, meticulous soil preparation, serious planting, tending and management. According to the actual


situation of Yuanling County, suitable for the tree, choose the market prospects, fast-growing tree species afforestation,


reasonable adjustment of forest structure, ecological benefits and economic benefits simultaneously, take high-


quality high-yield and efficient forestry development. Returning farmland to forest project has played huge ecological benefits, economic and social benefits.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/sf.v1i1.237


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