Review of Taiwan’s Soil and Groundwater Remediation Technologies: Phytoremediation and In situ chemical Oxidation

Yeh T. Y.


The purpose of this review is the analysis of the soil and groundwater remediation technologies referred as in situ chemical oxidation and phytoremediation, and to dis-cuss the successes that have been made. The technolo-gy of phytoremediation has yet to be commercially ac-cepted, but shows emerging capabilities. In situ chemi-cal oxidation (ISCO) is a frequently used technology in Taiwan for the remediation of organic compounds. Sev-eral studies have been conducted in Taiwan so show their feasibility and potential. This article reviews studies concerning these two remediation technologies. Other processes such as monitored natural attenuation, flush-ing, thermal treatment, or soil washing are not covered within this article.


Phytoremediation, In situ chemical Oxidation

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