Analysis of Heavy Metal Pollution in Urban Surface Soil

Quanling Guo, Cong Chen, Jianbin Du

Article ID: 326
Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018

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The impact of human activities on the quality of urban environment has become increasingly prominent and urban soil pollution problems on the health of local residents also gradually prominent. In addition, the study of heavy metal pollution in urban surface soil is an important part of the evolution model of urban geological environment so it is necessary to analyze the heavy metal pollution in urban soil. In this paper, the data of the given samples are processed and analyzed by MATLAB software and EXCEL spreadsheet. The three - dimensional image model and the planar model of metal element space are established by interpolation method. The spatial distribution of eight kinds of heavy metal elements in the city is presented in detail. For the urban environment, especially the macro-grasp of soil pollution, regulation provides a simple and accurate three-dimensional spatial distribution model of pollutants. Combined with data analysis of the urban area of different areas of heavy metal pollution to make a preliminary judgment. The data show that in the five types of cities, heavy soil pollution is the most serious in industrial areas. A method of imagination of the data analysis is boldly used and then combined with the distribution map, they found a source of pollution. For the spatial distribution of heavy metal elements, this paper uses EXCEL to calculate the data and MATLAB to map the data which showed a detailed and intuitive distribution map according to the distribution map can be analyzed in different areas of pollution; For the second question, this paper uses a method of design to deal with the data, part of the data for the results of the more effective show to determine the cause of pollution. For the third question, this article will be more serious pollution or a wider range of local screening, analysis, and then speculate the location of pollution sources. For other pollution information, this article is based on the modeling process encountered in the thought of the factors given.

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