Characteristics of Ductile Shear Zone and Its Ore-controlling Effect in Dongtian Polymetallic Mining Area

Xuewei Liao, Xiangrun Chen, Wei Gao

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Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

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The genesis of the Red Pacific polymetallic deposit in Yanbian area has long been regarded as a volcanic hydrothermal deposit or a volcanic jet deposit. In the field investigation and comprehensive study, authors found that the so-called 'metamorphic volcanic rocks and volcanic clastic rocks' is actually a set of highly deformed terrigenous clastic rocks. The main rock types are metamorphic conglomerate, sericite schist, sericite to form a structural deformation belt having a width of 50-400 m. The deformed conglomerate rock is the conglomerate of the valley flag, and the latter two are the former siltstone, the silty mudstone and the tectonic deformation zone are basically the same as those of the strata and ore body. The red and Taiping polymetallic ore bodies are produced in the Miaopun Formation in the deformation zone. The ore and the surrounding rock also have certain deformation structures, such as pleated structure, shear page and so on. Therefore, the cause of this deposit is ductile shear zone type, layer structure ore control.

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