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Pre-published article Advances in clay-based mortars for protection against water penetration Abstract   PDF   PDF
Karozou Aspasia 1, Stefanidou Maria 1
Pre-published article Ceramics materials and their application to cutting tool technology: A review Abstract   PDF
Ulanbek Auyeskhan 1, Asma Perveen 1
Pre-published article Composite antifriction materials for printing equipment’s friction units Abstract   PDF
Tetiana Roik 1
Pre-published article Corrosion behaviour of plasma sprayed HA-TiO2 coatings on Ti6Al4V substrate Abstract   PDF
Yusuf KAYALI1, Muhammet KARABAŞ2, Şükrü TALAŞ
Pre-published article Debye temperature in crystals at temperature T = 0 K Abstract   PDF
Khidirov Irisali 1, Rakhmanov Sayfiddin 1, Fazilov Muslim 2
Pre-published article Dielectric Properties of (Bi,Nd)4Ti3O12 Solid Solutions Abstract   PDF
Andrei Ivanovich Klyndyuk 1, Ekaterina Anatol'yevna Chizhova 1
Vol 1, No 1 (Published) Effect of Activator on Properties of SiC Porous Ceramics Abstract   PDF
Xinhua Yu, Qinqin Tian, Yanfei Li
Pre-published article Estimation of physical, mechanical and machinability properties of Al-MMCs reinforced with coconut shell ash particulates Abstract   PDF
Siva Sankar Raju 1, P. Thimothy 2, Ch. Ratnam 3
Pre-published article Growth rate and structural characterization of diamond layers produced by CVD methods Abstract   PDF
Kazimierz Paprocki 1, Kazimierz Fabisiak 1, Wacław Bała 1, Mirosław Szybowicz 2
Pre-published article On some specific features of the silicon carbide heteropolytype epitaxy Abstract   PDF
S. Yu. Davydov 1, A. A. Lebedev 1,2, L. V. Shakhov 1, P. V. Bulat 2
Pre-published article Reactor palladium based ceramic forms for radwaste immobilization Abstract   PDF
Yury Pokhitonov 1
Vol 1, No 1 (Published) Research and Development of Ceramic Filtration Membrane Abstract   PDF
Minglu Deng, Rong Chen, Sirong Liu
Pre-published article Rietveld refinement and microstructure analysis of red mud Abstract   PDF
Manas Ranjan Panigrahi 1
Vol 1, No 1 (Published) Study on Preparation Technology and Properties of Tiutai Porous Ceramics Abstract   PDF
Hui Wang, Jine Shang, Xuesong Yang
Pre-published article Studying clay formulations for porcelain ceramics using simultaneous thermal analysis(STA) techniques Abstract   PDF
Charles M. Earnest 1, R. Bruce Cassel 2, Jennifer McCurdy 3
Vol 1, No 1 (Published) Surface Curing and Properties of Titanium Dioxide Self - Cleaning Ceramics Abstract   PDF
Xiwen Liu, Yao Tong, ,Jia Chen
Pre-published article The Ceramic Composite Coating (Tic+Tib2) by ESD on Ti6AI4V Alloy and its Characterization Abstract   PDF
Mesut GÖKÇE, Yusuf KAYALI, Şükrü TALAŞ
Vol 3, No 1 (Published) The Ceramic Composite Coating (TiC+TiB2) by ESD on Ti6AL4V Alloy and Its Characterization Abstract   PDF
Mesut Gökçe, Yusuf Kayali, Şükrü Talaş
Vol 1, No 1 (Published) Titanium Oxide Photocatalytic Materials and Their Applications in Ceramics Abstract   PDF
Zhigang Chen, Hao Liu, Jianwei Su
Pre-published article Use Waste Industrial Alabaster in Green Concrete Abstract   PDF
aynoor jan, Aynoor jan
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