Natural Resources Conservation and Research

Section Collections
Dr. Abeer Hassan,Prof.Eldar M. Eldarov
Reporting on Biodiversity and Nature Resources; Global Risks; Biodiversity Loss; Environment Degradation; Integrated Resources Management; Resources Monitoring and Protection; Resources System; Ecosystem Health; Policy Adaptation; National and International Resource; Resources Economics; Stakeholder Engagement; Corporate Social Responsibility; Anthropogenic Impacts
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Prof.Fernando Jose Garrigos Simon,Dr. Yeamduan Narangajavana,Dr. Md Nadiruzzaman,Prof. Qaisar Iqbal,Prof. Ted Soubdhan,Dr.Ricardo S. Santos,Dr. Joanna Rosak-Szyrocka
Sustainability; Natural Resources Management; Circular Economy; Ecotourism; Engineering; Biology; Geography; Strategy; Social Ethics; Public Policies
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. Anwar Eziz
Mapping Land Resources; Landscape Patterns; Effect of Climate Change; Land Resource Utilization Scheme; Potential Risks; Diversity Loss; Environment Degradation; Sustainable Resources Management; Resources Monitoring and Protection; Ecosystem Health; Resource Use Optimization; Cost-Effective Management; Anthropogenic Impacts
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Prof. Andrea Sulis ,Prof. Faisal M. Alfaisal ,Dr. Madan Maharjan ,Prof. Yasmine Jabali,Prof. Shabnam Ahmadi,Dr. Ziyad Abunada,Prof. Libera Esposito
Water Resources; Sustainability; Climate Change; Water Management and Policy; Public Health; Food-Water-Energy Nexus; Social Science; Circular Economics; Environmental Ethics;Wastewater Treatment; Reuse & Sludge; Characteristics
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Prof. Muhammad Irfan,Dr. Shifeng Wang,Prof. Mengyao Han,Prof. Usama Awan,Prof. Mohammed Khurrum Shahzad Bhutta
Green Energy Technologies; Energy Sustainability; Technological Innovations; Sustainable Development Goals; Climate Change; Energy-Environment Nexus; Sustainable Environment
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. Nawin Raj,Dr. Weiwei Wang,Prof. Seyed Amir Mansouri,Dr. Ziyad Abunada
Climate Change; Carbon Emissions; Global Warming; Sea Level Rise; Trend Modelling and Projections; Artificial Intelligence; Deep Learning
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30