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Polymer Blends

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A polymer blend is obtained by mixing two or more polymers together to obtain a single phase. The blended polymers possess some unique properties when compared to the individual ones. In the modern days the development of materails with less weight and high strength was more preferred. Blends are usually obtained in a molten state or by dissolving in solvents. Polymer blends can be in various forms such as miscible one phase, miscible separated phase, alloys, compatible, incompatible, interpenetrating and semi-interpenetration polymer network. Polymer blends are mainly classified as compatible and incompatible polymer blends. Compatible polymer blends are miscible blends, where there are no separate phases, but a single phase. These type of blends provide superior mechanical properties. Incompatible polymer blends are the blends which form two well-defined separate phases after mixing. These types of blends generally have poor mechanical properties. However, incompatible blends are more common than compatible blends.

 To know the behavior of polymer blends and its importance in various applications it is necessary to collect the research done by various researchers using polymer blend a tropical collection is needed. Research articles and reviews in this area of study are welcome. We look forward to receiving your contributions. 


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Polymers; Blends; Mechanical Properties; Wear Properties; Electrical Properties; Chemical Properties; Physical Properties; Biopolymers; Green Materials

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