Journal of Polymer Science and Engineering

Polymer Membranes and Films

Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear Colleagues,


Polymeric Membranes and Films being versatile in nature, lightweight, economical and with lower environmental implications the polymeric membranes have seen a rapid growth in its usage in varied applications ranging from filtration (Micro, Nano, Ultra & Reverse Osmosis), gas separation, etc., whereas Polymeric Films have seen their applications in food packaging, flexible electronics, healthcare imaging & biomedical applications. The importance of such polymers has increased on a massive scale, where we see rigorous & breakthrough research within the domain.


The section collection requires articles of scientific rigour in the relevant applications of polymeric materials used as membranes or films, or the property study, new material composition & its lab testing results, flaws in the currently used materials & problems associated with usage of polymeric materials in certain applications, environmental impact assessment of polymeric membranes/films being used, synthesis methodology modifications, etc., fall within the scope of this section.


This section invites rigorous studies in the field of polymeric membranes and films in the form of research, critical reviews, industrial case studies, short communications with exciting results, etc.


We look forward to receive your contributions to this field of study for reporting further advancements.


Dr. Utkarsh Chadha

Dr. Shriya Bijutkar

Dr. Mayank Khanna

Dr. Divyansh Srivastava

Section Editors


Water Filtration; Polymeric Films; Characterization; Environmental Implications; Material Properties; Nanomaterial-Based; Pollution Control; Residual & Contaminant Removal; Heavy Metal Filtration; Biomedical Applications; Food Packaging;