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Imaging and Interventional Radiology for Radiation Oncology

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There are various procedures for tumor treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is limited for a number of patients, and surgical treatment cannot be performed for a number of tumors, especially tumors that cannot be accessed. While radiation therapy can be performed for all types of tumors regardless of their location. The use of ionizing radiation as the inevitable part of radiation therapy is also acceptable if it is performed properly and the treatment is optimized. To treat a tumor through radiation therapy, it is necessary to have accurate information about the type of tumor, the extent of its spread, and its exact location. Medical Imaging, as a key part of radiation therapy, provides oncologists with information about the type of tumor, its staging, the extent of tumor expansion, and its exact location in order to precisely adjust treatment fields. Designing accurate treatment and precise staging of some tumors also requires the use of interventional imaging methods. In these procedures, Biopsy can be done from the tumor with minimal invasion, and the exact location of the biopsy can be adjusted with the guidance of the image, and it helps in the accurate diagnosis of the histological characteristics of the tumor and whether it is malignant or benign. With the above information, treatment sessions and required dose can be adjusted. Based on this and considering the key role of image-guided therapy in the accurate performance and proper optimization of radiotherapy, we are interested in publishing research related to imaging and interventional radiology for radiation oncology. To negotiate recent research and developments in this regard, it is expected that applied research in this field will be strengthened in relation to new simulation methods, new imaging processes, especially for the improvement of health services. Research articles, technical reports, and reviews in this area of study are welcome.



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