Journal of Polymer Science and Engineering

Circular and Green Polymer Science

Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear Colleagues, 

Environmental plastic pollution has become a priority of major global entities and the substitution of plastic materials with more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives is becoming mandatory. Thus, a transition towards a more circular and green polymer science is becoming the unique feature for break the the traditional linear chemistry and economy. For this reason, in this section, any kinds of novel bio-based polymers are well-accepted. Several types of monomers and building block could be explored and proposed to the scientific community, such as, starch and cellulose-derivates and protein-based compound, but also the use of bio-based cross-linking agent can be highlighted. The waste transformation into a high-added value materials should be one of the crucial points for the transition and one of the most important facts to share with other research groups. Finally, the use of green solvents and free-solvents synthesis could also be an excellent way to enhance the green polymer science within this journal section. Thus, it is important to collect the experiences of different polymer scientists that have been explored, implemented and considered all the valuable alternatives to classic use of fossil fuel for the synthetic polymers.  Research articles and reviews in this field are welcome. We look forward to receiving your contributions. 

Dr. Anastasia Anceschi

Section Editors 


Green Polymer; Green Synthesis; Waste Valorization; Bio-Based Polymers; Protein Based Materials; Starch Derivatives; Cellulose Polymers; Recycling And Recycled Polymers; Synthetic Polymers Alternatives;

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