The concise review of etiology, pathology, and treatment strategy of polyarteritis nodosa

Takaharu Ikeda

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Vol 6, Issue 2, 2022, Article identifier:19-25

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Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) is a necrotizing vasculitis that targets medium-sized muscular arteries and can involve small-sized arteries. The pathogenesis of classic PAN remains unclear, except for secondary PAN or vasculitis that is indistinguishable from PAN due to genetic abnormalities such as deficiency of adenosine deaminase 2. The histopathological characters of PAN change over time from the onset. The type of remission induction therapy to be adopted depends on the disease severity. When it results in remission, corticosteroid dose reduction will begin and will be shifted to remission maintenance therapy.


Polyarteritis Nodosa; Deficiency of Adenosine Deaminase 2; Anti-Phosphatidylserine-Prothrombin Complex Antibod-ies

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