Accounting data governance and its influence on financial report quality: Insights from commercial banks

Abdul Razzak Alshehadeh, Ghaleb Awad Elrefae, Saad G. Yaseen, Nader Mohammad Aljawarneh, Haneen A. Al-khawaja

Article ID: 3222
Vol 8, Issue 4, 2024

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This study aimed to measure the impact of implementing mechanisms of accounting data governance, represented by International Accounting Standards, internal auditing, external auditing, audit committees, disclosure and transparency, and performance evaluation, on the quality of financial reporting data for the commercial banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange, totaling (15) banks. To achieve the objectives of this study, a descriptive-analytical approach was adopted by developing a questionnaire to collect the primary data measuring the study variables. The questionnaire was distributed to employees in the financial and control departments of these banks, with a total of (375) respondents from the total study population of (733) individuals. Appropriate statistical methods were used to analyze the data, test hypotheses, and the results of this study revealed a strong positive impact of five variables of accounting data governance mechanisms on achieving the quality of financial reporting data. These variables are ranked from highest to lowest in terms of the strength of impact and correlation with the quality of financial reports: disclosure and transparency, external auditing, International Accounting Standards, internal auditing, and audit committees. However, there was no impact of the performance evaluation governance variable on achieving the quality of financial reporting data. These results call on the management of commercial banks in the study to commit to the objective implementation of the requirements of accounting data governance mechanisms as stipulated by international professional assemblies.


accounting data governance mechanisms; financial reporting quality; commercial banks

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