Methodology, application and platform for urban security planning and management

Chunlin Liu

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Vol 8, Issue 4, 2024

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With the acceleration of economic development and urban construction, urban security accidents have occurred around the world with alarming frequency, causing serious casualties and economic losses. Urban security planning and management as emerging areas of research have drawn widespread attention. For city development plans, urban security planning and management have become one of major topics. This paper first outlines the principles of urban security planning and management, combined with the construction of a digital and intelligent platform for urban emergency management. This research then analyzes the core technology and equipment support system of urban security management and its practical application. It also presents a new model based on urban security planning and management, followed by examples of its application in some mega infrastructure development for security planning and design (for example, Singapore Changi Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Transportation Hub). Additionally, a blast protection concept of urban security planning and management is provided.


urban security planning and management; emergency technology and equipment; risk monitoring and warning; emergency science; Technology Industrial Park; digitization

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