The first issue of JIPD is now online!

In the journal, there are currently four types of sub-divisions: Original Articles, which publishes
results of original research; Policy Dialogue, which highlights policy conversations with an experienced practitioner or thinker who will present their perspectives on important topics of research, policy, or practice; Policy Insights, to present singular discoveries or assessments that suggest new directions or clarify ideas, whether on theory, concepts, methods, or practice; and Case Studies or Book Reviews.

This journal seeks to provide sound solutions to key questions on the roadmap, for instance: to what extent can soft infrastructure components promote infrastructure development. What is the role of policy in the development and functioning of infrastructure systems? How does one achieve effective governance—a vital component of soft infrastructure—that is grounded in the rule of law, that is accountable, participatory, predictable and transparent? How is good economic governance necessary to ensure collective action, the reduction of transaction cost, the enforcement of contracts, and the security of property rights in the provision of infrastructure services? What kind of policy environment is critical in promoting infrastructure development? Recognizing that the private sector complements the public sector in responding to the market demand for the provision of certain infrastructure services, what kind of institutional and policy framework is necessary for attracting private investment in infrastructure? What kind of legal and regulatory system will offer protection for public and private enterprises in infrastructure development? How can policies, institutional arrangements, and governance facilitate the development of the infrastructure? In an era of economic globalization, how can international cooperation in global governance help to realize infrastructure connectivity across the national boundaries? Both mature and new, cutting-edge research underpinned by solid empirical or theoretical studies are welcomed by the journal.

From the brief discussions above, we can see that we are in a new era of regenerating the development of infrastructure to meet new challenges in this rapidly changing world. We should continue our past efforts in infrastructure development, but in a more comprehensive manner
by combining both hard and soft infrastructure with government policy to achieve long-lasting prosperity and welfare for mankind. Our journal will provide a reliable platform to encourage discussion and analyses of the relevant issues and concerns about infrastructure, as well as to promote dialogue in this area. In this spirit, the overarching goal of the journal is to establish itself as a credible source of information covering areas of hard and soft infrastructure, along with other related policies and economic development matters.

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