Special Issue: The nexus between the energy transition, environmental sustainability, and health--Call for Papers

Special Issue Editors


Prof. Susana Maria Almeida Silva

Guest Editor

Email: ssilva@fep.up.pt

School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto

Interests: Energy, Environment, Economics


Prof. Erika Laranjeira

Guest Editor

Email: erikalaranja@por.ulusiada.pt

Centro Universitário Lusíada Norte, COMEGI and cef.UP

Interests: Economics, Health, Environment, Sustainability


Prof. Isabel Soares 

Guest Editor

Email: isoares@fep.up.pt

School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto

Interests: Economics, Energy, Policy


Dear Colleagues

The energy sector is one of the main responsible for the strong levels of pollution worldwide. Additionally, pollution levels have been responsible for compromising environmental sustainability and for several health problems, such as, respiratory and heart chronic and fatal diseases. The energy transition is an important step to mitigate pollution levels arising from the energy sector and will, inevitably, have significant environmental and health benefits. In this Special Issue of the Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development, we aim to collect strong scientific research on the topic of connection between the energy sector, environmental sustainability and health problems associated with high pollution levels. Contributions can focus on the several aspects influencing this important relationship, namely: the energy transition in the electricity generation sector; the energy transition on the transport sector; contributions of the building sector; hydrogen developments, among others.



-Energy transition

-Health impacts

-Renewable energy sources

-Environmental sustainability


Deadline: 2023.5.30