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Journal of Analytical Chromatography and Spectroscopy


2578-1766 (Online)

Journal Abbreviation:

J. Anal. Chromatogr. Spectrosc.

Journal of Analytical Chromatography and Spectroscopy is an international open access journal that publishes original research articles and review articles related to all areas of chromatography and spectroscopy. This journal will highlight the development and practices in sample preparation and specific derivatization for Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography, the connection of the analytical instrumentation in combinations for providing a high accuracy measurement as in Gas Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (GC-MS), Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)  with Supersonic Molecular Beam (SMB), High Speed Gas Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (HSGC-MS), Supercritical Fluid Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (SFC-MS), Liquid Chromatography-Mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass spectrometry (CE-MS) as well as using these combination of instrumentation in Mass Spectroscopy for molecular structure elucidation in organic and inorganic molecules,etc.         

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Journal of Game Studies



Journal Abbreviation:

J. Game. Stud.

Journal of Game Studies (JGS) is an international open access double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high-quality papers in the field of games.

The journal publishes reviews, original research papers, communications, and short notes with no restriction on the maximum length of the papers. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their research in as much detail as possible, whether theoretical, empirical, or experimental.

Relevant (but not limited to) topics to JGS include:

  • Game design
  • Game technology
  • Game development
  • Game mechanics
  • Game genres
  • Game-based learning
  • Game and psychology
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in games


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Journal of Geography and Cartography



Journal Abbreviation:

J. Geogr. Cartogr.

Journal of Geography and Cartography (JGC) is an international open access academic journal with a rigorous peer review process. We are interested in scientific topics from all fields of geography and cartography. Our ultimate goal is to make the journal a platform of global academic sources for high-quality geo-papers.

JGC publishes original research articles, review articles, editorials, case reports, letters, brief commentaries, perspectives, methods, etc.

Examples of relevant topics include but are not limited to:

1. Human geography and urban-rural planning   7. Soil geography     

2. Geography science                                       8. Geophysics

3. Geochemistry                                              9. Environment science

4. Natural geography                                       10. Geographic information system

5. Plant geography                                          11. Cartography

6. Hydrology                                                   12. Remote sensing technique

13. Geography teaching theory           

14. Man-land relationship by analyzing and mapping geographic phenomena 

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Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development


2572-7923 (Print)
2572-7931 (Online)

Journal abbreviation:

J. Infras. Policy. Dev.

The Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development (JIPD) is a multi-disciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high-quality articles on infrastructure, economic development, and public policy. The three words in the journal’s title, "infrastructure", "development" and "policy" are core to the vision of this journal.

With its broad scope covering development-related issues, a novel feature of this journal is that it covers the whole range of infrastructure, including both "hard" infrastructure and "soft" infrastructure, where soft infrastructure is broadly defined to include education system, healthcare system, law enforcement, financial system, government system and other types of institutional arrangements.

JIPD has a target audience consisting of academic researchers, industry professional practitioners, and regulatory institution policymakers. It aims to provide a reliable platform for the transfer of knowledge and to facilitate discussions in the areas of development-related policy initiatives and infrastructure.

Relevant (but not limited to) topics to JIPD:

  • Education system
  • Healthcare system
  • Social system
  • Innovation of policy
  • Institutional reform
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Urban development
  • Green development
  • Climate-resilient infrastructure
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Infrastructure finance
  • Infrastructure governance

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Journal of Pediatric Diseases

Journal Pediatrics Disease (JPedD, eISSN: 2574-5603) is a peer review gold open access journal, focusing on the health and disease impact of infants, children and adolescents, and its diagnosis, treatment and prevention strategies. Pediatric specialty and a wide geographical area.

We welcome the report of special effects on young patients with unknown conditions, and can significantly improve with the new (or improved) for the treatment of severe disease patient's quality of life. In addition, we also for pediatric medical communication and government policy interest. We aim to release the theme, including but not limited to:

General pediatrics, pediatric infectious diseases, pediatric drug and drug development, pediatric allergy and autoimmune diseases, pediatric vaccination and health care policy, pediatric oncology, pediatric psychiatry and neurology, pediatric surgery.



2574-5603 (Online)

Journal Abbreviation:

J Pediatr Dis

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Journal of Polymer Science and Engineering


2578-1855 (Online)

Journal Abbreviation: 

J. Polym. Sci. Eng.

Journal of Polymer Science and Engineering (JPSE) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the rapid publication of fundamental research papers in all areas concerning polymerization techniques and recent advances of plastic engineering. 


  • JPSE solicits research articles covering a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts in polymer science, polymer engineering, and polymer technologies including those on biomaterials, polymer blends, energy conversion and storage, biodegradable polymers and green materials and green technologies. Polymer science and engineering is a strongly interdisciplinary field and papers published by the journal may span areas such as polymer physics, polymer processing and engineering of polymer-based materials and their applications. The editors and the publisher are committed to high quality standards and rapid handling of the peer review and publication processes. The journal is also relevant to areas such as, implantable devices, drug delivery systems, bio-nanotechnology and tissue engineering.
  • It accepts original research papers, comprehensive review articles, short communications, etc., for publication. We welcome scholars who are farsighted in this field and those who are interested in deepening the field of JPSE to submit papers

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Journal of Sustainable Food Systems



Journal Abbreviation:

J. Sustain. Food. Sys.


Journal of Sustainable Food Systems (JSFS) is an international open access peer-reviewed scientific journal that provides an advanced forum for studies related to all aspects of food systems, with a major emphasis on sustainable food. Our goal is to publish exceptionally high-quality articles with rigor and depth. We publish comprehensive reviews, research articles, and short communications on novel findings. We encourage scientists, researchers, and other food professionals to publish their experimental and theoretical results. There is no restriction on the maximum length of the papers, but the full experimental details must be provided so that results can be reproduced. 

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