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Anatomical Science (AS) is an international open access journal that publishes new discoveries related to all areas of anatomical science. This journal covers a wide range of topics from gross anatomy to histology, neuroscience, cell biology and molecular biology. Comprehensive interdisciplinary researches of structure and function are emphasized.

Topics from the following comprehensive interdisciplinary subjects are welcomed, but are not limited to:

  1. Morphological sciences
  2. Functional morphology
  3. Comparative anatomy
  4. Evolutionary biology
  5. Gene expression
  6. Cardiovascular biology
  7. Lymphatic biology
  8. Respiratory biology
  9. Neurobiology
  10. Biomechanics
  11. Senses biology
  12. Endocrine biology
  13. Reproductive biology
  14. etc.


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Vol 6, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents

Open Access
Article ID: 903
by Richa Sachan, Rajbala Singh
Anatomical Sci. 2023 , 6(1);    1812 Views
Abstract Liver is a primary organ involved in biotransformation of foods and drugs. Liver diseases are a major worldwide problem; Hepatic disorders are mainly caused by toxic chemicals, e.g. - alcohol, carbon tetra chloride, anticancer agent, analgesic, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-tuberculosis agent and heavy metals. Various risk factors for liver damage include age, gender, alcoholism, nutrition and genetic polymorphisms of cytochrome P 450  have also been considered. The present review enumerate various hepatic diseases, risk factors and chemicals induced hepatic injury via different mechanical pathway  as well as numerous biochemical changes viz. serum biomarkers, proteomics biomarkers, genomic biomarkers, metabolic biomarkers and micro RNA. This review could be immensely useful for researchers especially for pharmacologists, toxicologist working on hepatotoxicity and drug research organization.
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Open Access
Article ID: 969
Anatomical Sci. 2023 , 6(1);    1926 Views
Abstract Retrieval of biomedical pictures is a significant side of computer based diagnosis. It helps the radiologist and restorative authority to spot and analyze the particular disease. This paper proposes a Content Based Medical Image Retrieval ( CBMIR ) approach for retrieving similar biomedical images. The extraction of retrieving features is based on histogram of oriented gradients ( HOG ) and canny edge detection. To reduce the dimensionality, principal component analysis(PCA) is employed over the feature vector. The experiments are conducted on high-resolution computed tomography medical images of lungs. With the average retrieval rate ( ARR ) and average retrieval precision ( ARP ), the performance of the proposed approach is analyzed and compared with other existing methods viz. Local Binary Pattern (LBP), LBP with uniform patterns (LBPu2), Local Mesh Pattern with uniform patterns (LMePu2) and LMeP with gabor transform (GLMeP).
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Open Access
Article ID: 977
by Rahul P. Pol, ATUL RAMCHANDRA CHOPADE, Nilofar S. Naikwade, R. J. Dias
Anatomical Sci. 2023 , 6(1);    2284 Views
Abstract Summary Objective- In present study, eleven novel dose combinations of Pregabalin & Venlafaxine from minimum effective dose to higher anxiolytic dose were taken for assessment of anxiolytic activity in Swiss mice. Method — Classical animal models of anxiety vise: Elevated plus-maze model and Light & Dark Exploration test Apparatus. Diazepam was used as a standard anxiolytic. In addition the combinations were also compared with a fixed dose marketed combination of Alprazolam & Sertraline (Anxit Plus). Result — The results of the study reveal that combinations of Pregabalin & Venlafaxine (serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) have better anxiolytic efficacy, which is comparable to Diazepam and Alprazolam-Sertraline combination. Conclusion- Further clinical studies are required for getting better idea about efficacy and clinical utility of Pregabalin-Venlafaxine combination.
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Open Access
Article ID: 1097
by Ramlee Hanif Muhammad
Anatomical Sci. 2023 , 6(1);    1122 Views
Abstract The fracture of distal tibia bone is one of the most serious cases in the world, especially pilon fractures type. This is due to fact that the ankle joint involve soft tissue problems (cartilage and ligaments) and can cause to long-term disability. The treatment of pilon fractures are depending on several aspects where this may lead to complications. Different types of pilon fractures may not use similar treatment and the choices can be included several internal and external fixators. Therefore, this recent article is reviewing the principles of external fixator in treating pilon fractures. The use of this system with properly applied allows bony stability and increasing soft tissue care monitoring after fixation is achieved. The review discusses about the basic configurations of external fixator, stability of the external fixator and healing process. The findings will provide an additional information to medical doctors and engineers to decide the best configurations for patients associated with pilon fractures.
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