Seed dormancy as an obstacle ın front of plant production

Mustafa YILDIZ


Dormancy is a state of lack of germination/sprouting in seed/tuber although required conditions (temperature, humidity, oxygen and light) are provided. Dormancy is based on hard seed coat dormancy or lack of supply and activity of enzymes (internal dormancy) necessary for germination/sprouting. Dormancy is an important factor limiting production in many field crops. Several physical and chemical pretreatments to production material (seed/tuber) are carried out for overcoming dormancy. Physical and physiological dormancy can be found together in some plants and this event makes difficult to provide high frequency healthy seedling growth. Whereas, emerging of all production material (seed, tuber) sown/planted and forming healthy seedling is a prerequisite of plant production.


Dormancy; magnetic field; squirting cucumber fruit juice; gamma radiation.

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