Effects of Zn2+ Stress on Seed Germination and growth of seedling

Wenbin Liu, Aizhen Shao, Chuanying Wang


The effects of Zn2+ stress on seed germination, seedling growth and chlorophyll content were studied in order to better understand the effect of heavy metal Zn on the growth and development of green plants. The concentration gradient of Zn2+ was 20, 50,100,150,200,300,500,700mg / L, and deionized water was used as control. The results showed that under the Zn2+ stress condition, the germination index of the rhubarb seeds increased with the increase of Zn2+ concentration. Germination potential, germination rate and germination index were the highest when Zn2+concentration was 100mg / L, the conductivity was the lowest at zinc concentration of 100mg / L, the root length, stem length and chlorophyll content of Zn2+ gradually reduced. The results showed that the amount of Zn2+ could promote seed germination, but the root length, bud length and chlorophyll content of seedlings could be affected by different degrees. The zinc fertilizer should be used in the production.

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Effects of Zn2 + Stress on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/th.v1i1.279


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