Comparison of Photosynthetic Physiological Characteristics and Yield of Watermelon Varieties with Different Resistance to Fusarium Wilt

Man Xu, Xingping Liu, Yanhua Yuan


With the continuous development of facilities and horticulture, the area of vegetable planting in facilities increased year by year. Watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad) as the main cultivars within the facility, the continuous cropping problem is very serious, resulting in continuous cropping obstacles become increasingly obvious, the incidence of fusarium wilt increased year by year. Grafted watermelon roots developed to improve the growth of grafted roots of the conditions, resulting in robust plant growth. At the same time, the use of different purposes of the rootstock can make watermelon in different soil conditions under normal growth, such as the use of low temperature, drought, salt tolerance, barren and other characteristics of the rootstock. Secondly, the rootstock of the strong absorption of water absorption capacity, to promote the growth of grafted watermelon plants strong, large watermelon fruit, high yields. In addition, grafted watermelon seedlings grow fast early, for early maturing cultivation and overcome the seedless watermelon early growth slow defects is extremely favorable. So the use of pumpkin as a watermelon grafting rootstock, can effectively improve the effect of watermelon resistance to Fusarium wilts. And provide the theoretical basis and scientific basis for the further study of photosynthetic characteristics, disease resistance breeding and effective control of watermelon. In this experiment, the watermelon varieties with different resistance to fusarium wilt were selected, and the anti-fusarium wilt watermelon was studied systematically. There are changes in physiological characteristics during growth and development. In conclusion, grafting promotes the growth of watermelon and physiological characteristics of the index rose.


KEYWORDS: watermelon; fusarium wilt; growth period; physiological characteristics

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