Dynamics of Bianchi type-V anisotropic dark energy cosmological model in a scale covariant theory of gravitation

Dandala Radhakrishna Reddy

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Vol 1, Issue 4, 2018, Article identifier:

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This paper is devoted to the discussion of dynamical properties of anisotropic dark energy cosmological model of the universe in a Bianchi type-V space time in the framework of scale covariant theory of gravitation formulated by Canuto et al.(phys.Rev.Lett.39:429,1977).A  dark energy cosmological model is presented by solving the field equations of this theory by using some physically viable conditions. The dynamics of the model is  studied  by computing the cosmological parameters, dark energy density, equation of state(EoS) parameter, skewness parameters, deceleration parameter and the jerk parameter. This being a scalar field model gives us the quintessence model of the universe which describes a significant dark energy candidate of our accelerating universe. All the physical quantities discussed are in agreement with the recent cosmological observations.


Scale covariant theory; Bianchi type-V model; Dark energy model; cosmological model

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/ijmss.v1i4.560


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