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Considering Landau-Lifshitz (LL), Papapetrou (PP), Bergmann-Thomson (BT), Møller (ML), Einstein (EI) and Tolman (TL) energy and momentum prescriptions in general relativity theory (GR) and the tetrad theory of gravity (TG), we get total energy and momentum distributions based on  dimensional Kasner type universe model. Using different energy and momentum prescriptions, we obtain zero energy and momentum distributions in different gravitation theories. Also, we calculate two and three dimensional Kasner type universe solutions in GR and TG. Our solutions consist with each other. The obtained results are agree with previous studies of Kıy and Aygün for higher dimensional Bianchi type I universe, Do ru et al. for 5-D Bianchi type I universe, Banerjee, Xulu, Aydo du and Saltı, Radinschi, Lau and Vargas for 4-D Bianchi type I universe, Taşer et al. for 5-D Kasner universe, Havare and Saltı, Saltı for 4-D Kasner solutions, Tryon, Cooperstock, Rosen and Johri et al. for 4-D FRW universe in GR and TG.  All these studies, the authors have obtained the energy-momentum distribution is zero in GR and TG. However we could say that GR and TG are equivalent and these definitions are working properly for higher dimensional Kasner type universe in GR and TG.


Kasner universe; General relativity; Teleparallel gravity; Energy-momentum distribution

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