Study on Doctor Blade and Spin Coated CuInGaSe2 Thin Films

Abhay Kumar Singh, Tien Chien Jen


This report deals synthesis of CuInGa (CIG) nano materials along with doctor blade and spin coated thin films selenization and their physical properties. The doctor blade and spin coated CIGS/SLG thin films thicknesses are obtained ̴ 2 μm and ̴ 2.95 μm.  Raman spectroscopy of these thin films leads the chalcopyrite phase formation by exhibiting the peak at wave number 171 cm-1. The well developed grain growths of spin coated thin film are appeared in the surface morphology. While the grain growths developments in doctoral blade coated thin film is rather hard and fuzzy. EDS measurement recognised the existence of the compositional ratio presence of the alloying elements Cu, In. Ga and Se. The doctor blade and spin coated CIGS/SLG thin films are exhibited the UV- Visible transmission peak in the wave length range 240 nm 320 nm. The optical energy band gaps for the doctor blade and spin coated CIGS thin films are obtained 1.41eV and 1.5 eV.        


CIGS; Thin films; Raman spectra; UV-Visible

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