Adsorption of Toxic Indigo Carmen Dyestuff from Aqueous Solution by Chitosan and Chitosan Phthalate

selma ekinci, Fuat Guzel

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Vol 2, Issue 2, 2019, Article identifier:

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Toxic indigo carmen dyestuff was removed from the aqueous solution by adsorption. Adsorption was examined kinetically and thermodynamically based on temperature. Derivative of chitosan which is called chitosan phthalate was synthesized and used in removal of indigo carmen from aqueous solution. Some kinetic and thermodynamic parameters were calculated. Adsorption isotherms were drawn. Lastly, the adsorption of indigo carmen from the aqueous solution by chitosan and chitosan phthalate were compared.  


Adsorption; Indigo carmen; Dyestuff; Chitosan

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