Advancement of Khadi Textile: Textile Glummer of India

M. Das, S. Basak

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Khadi fabric is the textile glummer of India and has been started to use in India from at least ten decades ago (from 1920s). Normally it consist of cotton, wool, silk like natural fibre etc. and the concern fabric is made by hand made (by charka spinning technology) yarn and in the traditional handloom process. Normally, different kind of natural dyes (vegetable based, wastage material based, tannin based colour) and the eco-friendly synthetic dyes are used for the coloration of the khadi textile. In addition some traditional printing techniques like hand screen printing, block printing is used for the special effect on the khadi textile. Concerning the value addition, only stiff khadi fabric is marketed which is made by adding starch. However, some special low cost other value addition of the khadi fabric will make it more acceptable to the consumers of the India and also in the other countries. In this respect, bioactive based finish and the mosquito repellent khadi textile is very much important. This kind of functionality will make the fabric hygienic in terms of attack by deadly mosquitoes and also some harmful microorganisms. Apart from it, if it is possible to make UV protective and the fire retardant khadi textile, it will increase its popularity and also gain the socio economic importancy to the consumers and the handloom weavers of India and the other subcontinental countries.

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Thesis of vasugi raja(Unpublished work)

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