Synthesis of Pd/CeOx/Nano-graphite composite cathode for electro-catalytic degradation of phenol

Yuhang Zhang, Yang Qu, Zhijun Li, Li Yu, Liqiang Jing

Article ID: 1358
Vol 4, Issue 2, 2021, Article identifier:90-99

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To improve the cathode electro-catalytic degradation performance of electrochemical advanced oxidation processes (EAOP), Pd metal and CeOx co-modified Nano-graphite (Pd/CeOx/Nano-G) composite was synthesized by chemical precipitation and reduction methods, and Pd/CeOx/Nano-G cathode was prepared by a hot-pressing method. The as-prepared composite and electrode were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and scanning electrons microscopy. Results revealed that the mix-crystal structural CeOx (Ce2O3 and CeO2) and Pd0 metal were formed. The cathode was applied for the electro-catalytic degradation of phenol wastewater. The degradation efficiency of phenol by Pd1.0/CeOx5.0/Nano-G cathode reached 99.6% within 120 min degradation, which were higher than that of CeOx5.0/Nano-G and Nano-G cathodes. Both of the Pd metal and CeOx could improve the O2 reduction to H2O2 and promote the H2O2 dissociation to •OH for phenol oxidation. Additionally, the effects of electro-catalytic reaction parameters on the phenol degradation were investigated. The results indicated that Pd/CeOx/Nano-G cathode would have promise for further practical application in organic wastewater treatment.


Electrochemical Cathode; Nano-graphite; CeOx; Pd Modification; Phenol Degradation

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