Preparation technics and application of expanded graphite

Yongli Dong, Guojiang Zhou, Huixian Ding, Fulong Yuan

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Vol 4, Issue 2, 2021, Article identifier:37-45

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The research of application, preparation technics, structure and properties for expanded graphite were summarized, and their developing t rends w ere also expected in this paper. The preparation technics of low-temperature expansible graphite, non-sulfur expansible graphite and expanded graphite compound materials synthesized by chemical oxidation, electrochemistry, microwave, detonation or gaseous volatilization were introduced mostly. The investigation actuality and application foreground of expanded graphite materials were summarized and analyzed in their applied fields of airproof, flame retardant, lubricant, environment, catalysis, military affairs and medicine.


Expanded Graphite; Preparation Technics; Research of Application; Summarize

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