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Developing Energy Systems Dynamics Models:Implications for Current Challenges and Future Sustainable Management

Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
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Dear Colleagues,


While Climate Change is the most important challenge that human has to trigger in the next decade, one of the solutions invites us to challenge our energy system. This energy system produces a lot of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and introduces the question of decoupling. Paradigms, models, scenarios are part of the tools box for researchers.


The Special issue intends to focus on Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics applied to energy issues. These approaches are used to map the system, to understand the different causalities, to define the main loops (drivers) and the leverage points. Qualitative and quantitative designs are useful to build models and create scenarios. Energy is not only a technical data or a resource for productions function, energy isalos  an input in the economic system and a crucial challenge for society (energy access or energy justice). Hypothesis, paradigms and pathways are really important to tackle sustainable challenge.


Specifically, the SI welcomes papers that:


1.   Using Systems Thinking to challenge energy issues

2.   Mobilizing Systems Dynamics to enlighten leverage points and stocks and flows diagrams

3.   Modelling energy system and integrating it to Economics or Climate Systems

4.   Simulating scenarios about energy for 2030 and 2050 at multi-scales levels (global, national, regional, local)

5.   Using Participatory Systems Dynamics Methods to implement sustainable challenge

6.  Reconnecting energy Systems Dynamics Models to Sustainable Development Goals.

7. Modelling new paradigms (degrowth, circular economy, share economy, not for profit economy) with systems dynamics tools to challenge sustainable goals.



Dr. Arnaud Diemer

Dr. Nuria G. Rabanal

Guest Editors


Planned Papers


Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics; Tools for Energy Systems Optimization; Sustainability

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