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Dear Colleagues,


I am an asst. prof. in the electricity and energy technologies department. All my studies are about material science. I am a specialist in analyzing phosphor minerals and building phosphorous materials, especially 1- eligible for use as dosimeters and 2- persistent phosphors which can luminous also at even room temperature. I have 21 years of experience working with radioactive irradiation. I have completed my post-doctorate at the Reactor Institute of TU Delft on developing and designing persistent phosphors.


This is an interdisciplinary, global, peer-reviewed journal that offers a high-quality platform for the publication of important, original, scientific, and technological papers, and also review articles on Computed Radiation Imaging
The journal aspires to publish innovative articles of significance, excellence, and high impact to an international audience in order to reach a global audience and be extensively read.
The journey involves every discipline that has contact with the radiation detection system applications in research areas such as, but not limited to:

Environmental and Applied Sciences:
Radiation measurement, dose detection, dose response, retrospective dosimetry studies, spectroscopic studies, reactors, radiation safety, radiation protection, radioactive waste, control, nuclear safety & protection, and risk assessment.
Material Sciences:
Dosimetry, personal and retrospective dosimetry studies, material physics, thermal studies, nuclear safety & protection, dose detection, dose response, imaging, irradiation, low-temperature and high-temperature luminescence studies, thermoluminescence, photoluminescence, phosphor materials,  persistent phosphors, cryogenic material studies, characterization, spectroscopic studies, nuclear physics, laser technology, radiochemistry, radiosensitizers, and radioprotectors.

Material engineering, physics engineering, nuclear engineering, renewable energy engineering, bioengineering, and controlling.

Computer Technology:
Bioinformatic, tomography, simulation, and modeling.

Medical Sciences:
All life sciences, nuclear medicine, medical imaging, applications of ionizing radiation, oncology, tumor imaging, radiation treatment planning, cancer treatment, radiotherapy, and the effect of radiation on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Biological Sciences:
Nanotechnology, biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics, agriculture, food technology, bioengineering, veterinary science, molecular and microbiology.


Dose; Dosimetry; Imaging; Cryogenic; Luminescence; Nuclear Safety; Phosphor; Persistent Phosphor; Ionizing Radiation

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