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Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

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Dear Colleagues,

In parallel with the developments in which science and technology are advancing at an unprecedented pace, many developments and advances are being made in the field of medicine and health.

Molecular imaging, one of the multifunctional imaging methods, enables the characterization of biological processes in cells and intracellular components in living organisms. By using special molecular probes or contrast agents, diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage and the effectiveness of treatment can be evaluated rapidly with these imaging techniques.

On the other hand, in nuclear medicine methods, which help to understand various physiological and functional events in the human body, the image is performed by means of radiopharmaceuticals. Newly developed radiopharmaceuticals contribute positively to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of diseases and bring new horizons to the field of medicine. However, the development of radiopharmaceuticals is a complex process that starts with the selection of the appropriate nuclide and depends on many different factors.

Therefore, we are interested in research that includes the latest developments in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, new approaches and newly developed molecular probes, contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals, including advantages, disadvantages, and solutions to existing problems. Research articles, technical reports, and reviews in this area of study are welcome.


Imaging; Nuclear Medicine; Radiopharmaceutical; Molecular Imaging; Diagnosis; Treatment

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