Sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy: a case report and literature review

Jianying Feng, Tiantian Han, Fuyong Jiao


Sinus histiocytosis with with massive lymphadenopathy is a benign lymphoproliferative disorder.In 1969, Rosai and Dorfman[1] made detailed research on it, so it was also called Rosai DorfnlRn disease (rosai.dorfmandisease, RDD).The clinical manifestations were fever, neck lymph node enlargement, leukocytosis and high gamma globulin.Histopathological findings showed that lymph node involvement was present in group RDD, and the infiltration of the cells was predominant, especially the phagocytosis of the histiocytic cells.About 43% of RDD patients have lymph node involvement in [2], in which the skin is the most common extranodal organs involved.About 10% of patients with skin damage, skin rash and morphological diversity, is easy to be misdiagnosed.In this paper, through the analysis of a case of RDD and EB virus infection, in clinical in patients with special infection can be early detection and treatment.


Sinus; histiocytosis ; lymphadenopathy

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