Imaging and Radiation Research

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Imaging and Radiation Research is an international journal which aims to communicate to its readers, state-of-the-art technologies and methods on image and radiation. The journal welcomes original researches (laboratory based, modelling, field tests, case report), reviews and important applications of imaging technology and radiation related analysis; Open to subjects in medical science, surgical practices, biomedical science, biology, materials science and engineering, as well as other related branches of physics and chemistry.

It covers all aspects of imaging technology and analysis methods, Radiation Biology & Radiation Physics, including but not limited to: 

  • The use of SPECT and PET
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Ultrasonic imaging
  • Gamma camera and its application
  • Electron microscopy
  • Computed tomography
  • Electron imaging and processing
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Spectroscopic analysis
  • Radiation detection and measurement
  • Radiotherapy
  • Nuclear physics
  • Ionizing radiation


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Vol 5, No 2: (Published)

Table of Contents

Original Research Article

Aura C. Puche , John Fredy Ochoa-Gómez , Yésika Alexandra Agudelo-Londoño , Jan Karlo Rodas-Marín , Carlos Andrés Tobón-Quintero
VIEWS - 372 (Abstract)

Pages: 1-15
View: Abstract | PDF

Original Research Article

Iris-Katharina Penner , Achim Gass , Herbert Schreiber , Mike Peter Wattjes
VIEWS - 352 (Abstract)

Pages: 24-33
View: Abstract | PDF

Original Research Article

Felipe Aluja Jaramillo , Daniel Upegui Jiménez
VIEWS - 344 (Abstract)

Pages: 34-42
View: Abstract | PDF

Original Research Article

Lílian Santuza Santos Porto , Wilson Campos Tavares Júnior , Dário Alves da Silva Costa , Cristina Costa Duarte Lanna , Adriana Maria Kakehasi
VIEWS - 283 (Abstract)

Pages: 43-50
View: Abstract | PDF

Original Research Article

Andrés Alejandro Kohan , Mariana Cecilia Kucharczyk , Natalia T. Posadas , Noelia N. Napoli , Santiago Jose Gil , Nora Angélica Fuentes , Ricardo Daniel García-Mónaco , Carolina Rosa Beatriz Chacón
VIEWS - 370 (Abstract)

Pages: 51-58
View: Abstract | PDF

Original Research Article

Laís Uyeda Aivazoglou , Orlando Rondan Zotti , Marcelo de Medeiros Pinheiro , Moacir Ribeiro de Castro Junior , Andrea Puchnick , Artur da Rocha Corrêa Fernandes , Eloy de Ávila Fernandes
VIEWS - 345 (Abstract)

Pages: 59-65
View: Abstract | PDF

Original Research Article

Blanka Pophof , Gunnar Brix
VIEWS - 352 (Abstract)

Pages: 66-72
View: Abstract | PDF

Review Article

Andreas Hötker , Olivio F. Donati
VIEWS - 397 (Abstract)

Pages: 16-23
View: Abstract | PDF

Review Article

Frédéric Lecouvet , Bruno Vande Berg , Jacques Malghem , Baudouin Maldague , Augustin Ferrant , Jean-Louis Michauxu
VIEWS - 299 (Abstract)

Pages: 73-82
View: Abstract | PDF

Review Article

Anne-Marie Kusch , Abell Sovero Gaspar
VIEWS - 313 (Abstract)

Pages: 83-89
View: Abstract | PDF

Review Article

Sandro Alexander Lévano Loayza , Abell Temistocles Sovero Gaspar
VIEWS - 361 (Abstract)

Pages: 90-97
View: Abstract | PDF



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The “Conflict of Interest” policy

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