Discussion on Transportation Management of Railway Dangerous Goods

Yongcai Xu




In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, chemistry, atomic energy, electrical and petroleum industries have played a huge role in promoting the development of social economy. Industrial production in the increasingly use of dangerous goods as the production of raw materials, and in the production process to produce many toxic waste, enterprises in order to complete the normal production activities, it must be dangerous goods transport, and rail transport is one of the most The main form. According to a study conducted by the National Transportation Administration, 54% of the 3222 incidents involving chemical dangerous goods reported in 2010-2012 occurred in the production and storage process, and 41% occurred during transport, 5% due to other reasons. In all modes of transport, because the railway is the largest amount of traffic, the risk of rail transport seems to be the highest. However, taking into account the dangers of life and property, because most of the railway through the residential area, in the event of an accident, will endanger more people's lives, property safety, so the greater the risk of rail transport. Dangerous goods transport is a great threat to the lives and property safety of the people. Therefore, all countries in the world are actively trying to find ways and means to control and reduce the dangerous goods transport accident. In view of this, this paper mainly discusses the current railway sector in China in the transport of dangerous goods in the existing problems, in response to these problems, put forward the corresponding countermeasures.


This paper is the use of normative research methods of the thematic research. The first part (the first part) elaborates the concept of dangerous goods and the concept of dangerous goods of railway; then (the second part), elaborates the dangerous goods transportation safety requirements and the dangerous goods transportation accident type; second (the third part Finally, (the fourth part), the corresponding measures are put forward to improve the safety management of railway dangerous goods transportation, to maintain the stable order of the society and to ensure the life of the masses of the people, so as to analyze the safety management problems in the transportation of dangerous goods in railway; Stability, while ensuring the safety of rail transport.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/tm.v1i1.283


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