A novel launch of public- scientist- partnership (psp) project as engine for conserving natural resource and creating economic prosperity

R.C. Yadav, Jaya Yadav

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Vol 1, Issue 4, 2018, Article identifier:

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Some developmental projects are created by people- private -partnership (PPP), particularly where recovery is acquirable by levying the users. Such PPPs are successful for construction of roads, bridges, running toilet facilities and conveyance facility in mode of use and pay.  Likewise, public Scientist Partnership (PSPs) will be successful, where monitored impacts can be used to derive benefit. But, such example cases are not so popular in utilizing new research results and derive benefits from natural resources and enhance productivity. There exists need of similar partnership projects in research area. In this study modality of the PSP to create boost engine for natural resource conservation and bringing economic prosperity is established. A novel PSP launch was synthesized on useful food crop viz finger millet (Elusiane corcona (l)), known since long past, and now regaining popularity. It was possible to enhance additional annual production of 5.755 million Tonnes of finger millet grain, equivalent to additional income of Rs 11,510 crores. Against this the scientist partnership share was 0.49x million Tonnes grain and economic equivalency of Rs 992 crores, which was just 7-8%, with same level of input in agriculture. Additional benefits were sustainability of production and resources consecration, reduction of Green House Gas emission (GHGs), particularly nitrous oxide (N2O), largely emanating from agriculture and responsible for depletion of ozone layer. The finger millet stiff stem will be useable for production of ply-board filling material that will be innovative  building material for housing and infrastructure developments. and making furniture.  


Agricultural productivity; natural resources; PPP; arid and semiarid areas; food security; Quality of living

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24294/th.v1i4.772


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