Preliminary Bioinformatic Analysis of Gallus gallus (Chicken) CD8a Gene

Zhongling Gong

Article ID: 318
Vol 1, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:

VIEWS - 208 (Abstract) 182 (PDF)


The experimental object of this study is Gallus gallus (chicken) CD8a gene. In this study, we performed sequence analysis of CD8a gene and analyzed the primary structure, secondary structure and tertiary structure of CD8a encoded protein by using bioinformatics. Through the analysis, we concluded that the sequence length is 648bp with various restriction sites identified, which is similar to CD8a of other species in Galliformes order. The sequence encodes a total of 216 amino acids. The amino acids have low hydrophobicity, with 12 phosphorylation sites and a transmembrane region, and no signal peptide. The protein secondary structure mainly consists ofαspiral, accounting for 22.69%; extension chain, accounting for 15.74%; random coil, accounting for 61.57 %, in non-continuous distribution. The relationship between CD8a and other species homologous sequences is basically consistent with the establishment of the system tree by the establishment of three trees. n the root tip cells of Vicia faba and increase in micronucleus rate. The results showed that the water extract of Solidago canadensis had different degree of inhibition and damage to silkworm root tip cells; it also had some genetic toxicity and rapid diffusion ability.

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