Marine Environmental Protection

Jianli Xu, Youquan Yu, Chunhong Lu, Junhong Lian




The sea is the hometown of life, the ocean is closely related to human beings. The ocean accounts for 70.8% of the Earth's area. It absorbs heat from the sun and releases heat into the atmosphere to regulate the climate. Therefore, the climate in the coastal areas is suitable and the environment is beautiful. Since ancient times, the world is densely populated. Forty percent of people live in coastal areas. American Oceanographer Silesia Earl said that our planet is characterized by the ocean's dominating point, weather and climate is also controlled by the ocean-like marine species of the crown and the world, if the ocean changes, the Earth the characteristics will also change. Environmental problems have been plagued by human development problems, in the face of many environmental problems, human development, you need a guiding ideology to avoid causing more difficult to save the environment damage and this is the idea of sustainable development.

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