Vol 5, No 1 (2022)

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Original Research Article
Article ID: 403
by Feng Gao, Hongei Shi, Rongwei Wang
Med. Imag. Proc. Tech. 2022 , 5(1);    960 Views
Abstract Benzoxazine resin, a new type of phenolic resin, has many advantages such as strong molecular design, no small With the continuous development of social information and modernization, the deepening of medical technology in the social status and role is also more and more important. The digitization and visualization of medical science and technology provide great convenience for the reading and access of clinical information. At the same time, it also improves the efficiency and accuracy of information reading and access. In addition, as China's population continues to proliferate, various traffic accidents are appalling, and serious consequences such as chest trauma and head trauma are also common in hospital emergency cases. Patients with pulmonary laceration need CT timely diagnosis and repair of the pulmonary pleural rupture, if not timely and accurate judgments will seriously endanger the safety of patients. To explore the performance of multi-slice spiral CT in pulmonary laceration and its application value, aim to improve the accuracy of CT dynamic observation of disease changes, improve the medical diagnosis technology and reduce the mortality rate of patients. For patients with pulmonary laceration, the diagnosis of rapid and effective, review, you can avoid missed or misdiagnosed, rest assured. And multi-slice spiral CT in the early diagnosis, multi-slice spiral CT used in clinical examination or diagnosis, the effect of great reference value, it is worth promoting the use.
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