Study on Fat and Thin Analysis of Tongue Body Based on Two-Dimensional Ultrasonic Imaging

Yanguo Hu, Yaying Zhao, Dean Fu


In the development of traditional Chinese medicine in China for five thousand years, the tongue clinic occupies a very important position. In Chinese medicine, it is an irreplaceable role in the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine of important method. Tongue diagnosis as one of the most characteristic of Chinese medicine diagnosis has been from the previous subjective observation, relying on the experience to judge the era into the new era of tongue diagnosis objectification, quantification, and the introduction of computer digital image processing technology to more Accurate diagnosis. This article will mainly introduce the current in the Chinese and Western medicine on all aspects of the tongue diagnosis of the objective, micro, quantitative progress, the characteristics of tongue images and a variety of processing techniques, including tongue image automatic segmentation, and tongue fat and thin The Relationship and Modernization of Organ Pathology in Viscera. At the same time, a tongue-sized measurement method is introduced. Two-dimensional ultrasound imaging is used as a means of inspection to establish a set of ultrasonic tongue-sized measurement methods. The measured parameters include the two longitudinal planes of the tongue and the cross-section of the tongue. Out of the tongue size of the data, the overall analysis of the size of the tongue shape. This method combines some of the configuration line spacing, area, and circumference measurement functions to directly measure the data. Finally, through the accuracy test of the measurement method, it is proved that the measurement result of tongue two-dimensional ultrasound imaging is accurate. All the efforts of modernization are committed to the Chinese medicine tongue medicine to scientific can be quantified; Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis will also make a greater contribution to modern medicine.

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